The Voice Behind the Blog

Oh, hi there! How are you? Well geez, it looks like you’ve stumbled upon my blog. How wonderful! Well my name is Matt. Im the voice that powers this blog! Without me, well there wouldn’t be one. Well you probably clicked to find out a little about me. So Im going to give you that. Well you already know my name, so thats a start, usually after that some people ask how old I am. Well I was born awhile ago, seventeen eighteen years ago to be exact (soon to be nineteen in January!). Most people think Im fifteen though but Im not, and if you ever forget or doubt it, ask me! Ill reassure you that Im how old I say I am to be. Oh in case you’re wondering, Im 5’9″. Which is cool.

I dont like coffee. I think its gross. Well actually I can tolerate it with Coffeemate Hazelnut flavoring. But even that I get sick of. I think tea is the best. It has to be. Its the drink of champions. I have a problem with commas (they’re like periods with tails!! Awesome, right? No? Ok then) and parentheses (I cant say that word). I tend to use them a lot (it lets me add a thought into a already stated thought without breaking up the flow, like this one.). I also cant spell. Well I can, but I suck at it. If it weren’t for spell checker, I’d be dead. Im weird (and I can never spell that right). I love acting too! Its fun. It helps me squish one of my fears, standing in front of large groups of people, speaking, doing stuff, you know, scary things. Yeah, thats terrifying! Along with ladders. Those things are stairways to death!

Did you know I live in a home too? Yes I do! Actually its a nice home in this world (prefer to be someplace else though). Oh, is that to broad for you? Ok, Ill narrow it down. I live in America, the North one. Still to broad? Ok I live in the United States in Arizona. Its a desert (not to be confused with dessert.) Im really random and crazy too. I suck at grammar also (and grammar should be spelled grammer. Seriously, someone could misspell that! *cough *cough). I love photography a lot! Its really amazing. Its what inspired me to do this blog thingy. Yeah! I know! How cool! Check out the Camera Gear tab to see all the groovy gear I use! Oh yeah!

I love giving and receiving hugs too! Hugs make the world a better place. So if you know me or ever see me and you know me from my blog, say so. Ill give you a hug! Unless you want to give me a hug! Ill accept that too. I love meat too. Its tasty. I like my chicken, fried, my beef, grilled, and my pork, griddled (spell checker is telling me thats not a word. PSH!). Coca-cola is the best. I also like Royal Crown also. Pepsi sucks. I have an addiction…to Reese’s Pieces. Dont buy those. They’re mine. All mine. Really actually, Im just addicted to sugar. It’s magically delicious!

Oh, one more thing! I dont like when people take my stuff. And my pictures (you know the stuff your looking at on my blog, yeah those) well there mine. I dont want them taken. So if you ever want one of my pictures (full resolution!!) ASK!! Really! I would love to send you one of my pictures! I just have a simple request, please tell who took the photo (i.e. Me, Matt Higby) and be sure to put a link back to my blog (Copy and Paste this – Yeah thats all I ask! So please dont steal my pictures. I dont like it. At all.

Matt :D (That smiley, yeah, he’s my signature. He likes my name a lot so he always gets put by it. Now ya know. And its the bestest (thats a word spell checker) happiest smiley BTW.)


2 responses to “The Voice Behind the Blog

  1. Nancy Wheelen

    Hey Matt,

    Thanks for taking these beautiful pics. The pink flower is a vinca (about the only flower that will endure the Phoenix heat.) I hope you can post the agapanthus soon. Your black&whites are super cool.


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