Canon Rebel T1i

My first DSLR!!! Oh boy! I got this camera as a gift for my birthday and Christmas (because they are so close together). It is a Canon Rebel T1i, it has a 15 Megapixel Sensor, Live View, Full HD 1080p Video Recording (albeit at only 20fps), 3 fps continuous shooting, and a whole bunch more amazing features! As I said, it is my first DSLR and I absolutely love it! The clarity and sharpness of the photos it takes are amazing! The 15 megapixels allows for really large, high detail prints, or lots of cropping.

Video recording is not this camera’s strong point. Even though it’s 1080p, the auto-focus is slow and noisy, and the sound quality is terrible. Other than that though, it is an amazing camera!

My parents bought it at Costco because they had the best deal for one. You got the Canon Rebel T1i, the 18-55mm zoom lens, 55-250mm telephoto zoom lens, a 4GB Class 6 Card, and a camera bag for a really good deal.

Matt :D


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