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I thought I would dedicate a page to the type of camera I use and tell you about it.

To start things off, I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35 or for short a Lumix FZ35. Here is a picture of the front of it.

Why did I go with Lumix? I went with Lumix because I knew some of the Lumix cameras got Leica Lenses. I have a friend who has a Leica M8 and I was blown away with the quality of the pictures and the camera. I just had have one! I did some research and I thought I might invest in the Leica D-Lux-4. When I discovered that the camera was around 800 dollars brand new, I knew that I would have to find a used one. I went and checked out on eBay to see if I could find a used one cheap. It turns out that a Lieca has a high resale value and I probably wouldnt be getting one. But while I was checking them out on eBay I discovered something on the bottom of the camera, (someone had uploaded a picture of the bottom of the D-Lux-4). It said “Panasonic” on the bottom. At first I thought that this was wrong and checked out a few other Leica compacts. I discovered that Panasonic makes Leica’s compact cameras! I was overfilled with joy and began to research on the Lumix brand.

Why the FZ35? At first I wanted the LX3, but when I didnt get enough money for Christmas I settled for the FZ35. I had put a TON of research into both cameras and knew that they would be good cameras.

About the FZ35- One thing that impresses me the most about the FZ35 is the size of its lens! Its huge for a camera of its size! The camera has an 18x optical zoom (27mm-486mm). Which is really nice. It is has a 12 mega pixel sensor. It can record in AVCHD lite (720p HD) with Dolby Digital Stereo Sound to compliment that. I am very impressed with the video quality and even more impressed with the picture quality! If you ask me, I would say it is that of a Canon Rebel, but cost hundreds of dollars less! It weighs about one pound, which isnt to hateful. It has enter-level dSLR features. Such as, Manual priortity setting (full control over the shutter speed, aperture, etc), Creative Movie Mode, Macro (it can focus with in 1cm of an object!), and many, many more! It has a really nice screen and even an EVF (electronic view finder). There is a whole host of features for this camera, far to many to list. The camera’s iA (intelligent Auto) is actually extremely smart and very good! I was impressed how well it works! If youre out-and-about and you want someone to get a picture of you, just put it on iA and the camera does the work for you! It is so easy to use that you dont have to be a professional to use it. But if you are a professional photographer, this is the camera for you too! It has plenty of pro features and is a superb starter camera!

Where I got it- While I was researching for a Lumix, I was also researching for a cheap place to buy a new camera. I found it. Its called Abe’s of Maine. I was very impressed how helpful they were and how fast my camera came! I highly recommend them! The camera cost, direct from Panasonic, was $400, but at Abe’s I got it for $325. The prices change like everyday so dont get to mad if you order the camera and the next day its less. That’s just the way Abe’s works.

I am VERY impressed with this camera and would HIGHLY recommend it! I will always use a Lumix camera from now on and will tell anyone and everyone how great a camera they are!

Tell me your thoughts about Lumix or whatever brand you use!


Matt :D


5 responses to “Camera Gear (Updating) ->

  1. I have a few questions, (if you don’t mind) I have an Olympus Evolt E-420 SLR camera. It’s an SLR so everyone assumes it’ll be good but it’s actually very bad in even slightly low lighting and makes everything blurry. Is awful at macro photos (which are my favorite type) I got a 150mm lens of hopes it would help…It didn’t. And most of the photos come out with weird colors, far from what I was photographing. And that’s when the flash isn’t turned on, yes theirs a way to turn the flash off, but it only sometimes works.

    I mean all and all it’s a good camera but I’d like something that would work better for macro and low light. I’ve been looking at reviews and this has a lot of positive reviews on amazon, but a lot of negative points. I guess I don’t want to end up $300 poorer with a camera not as good at the SLR I have.

    If I got this camera do you think It would do what my SLR won’t?

    And does the lens come on and off?

    • I dont mind at all! To start things off, this camera’s macro mode blew me away! Most of the time you can only get within a couple inches of an object to get a macro shot. This camera focuses to with-in 1cm! So it easily is a very good macro camera. The low-light performance depends. Sometimes is does exceptional, and other times not as well. Its pretty smart and knows if your holding it super steady, it will use a slower shutter speed and lower ISO. In general it does pretty good in low-light. I wouldnt say its the best, but for a camera that’s in general, fairly compact, it does great!

      Would it do what your SLR wont? Considering what you just told me about your camera, this camera would surpass it! I love the Lumix brand because, in my opinion, it processes colors most accurately. And since this camera has a rather large Leica Lens, it should do a fantastic job! But I suggest you go and see, hold, use, the camera before ordering or buying.

      And no, the lens does not come off. It is a 27-486mm zoom lens. (18x) Its a suburb lens but at full tele-zoom (18x) chromatic abbreviation is present. Thats the only major flaw. But thats it. The rest of the lens is practically perfect.

      If you provide me with an email, I would gladly send you some unedited pictures. You can email me at

      Matt :D

      • sorry it took me so long to reply (..i’ve been in canada without internet…)

        I’ll have to try and find a place to pick one up and such, right now it’s just should I go for a really nice (but more expensive) Camera that I can have several lenses for; or something smaller like this one.

        Thanks for all the information ^__^

      • Well then I would maybe suggest looking for an old Canon D (20/30/40) series. Its a prosumer camera so it should do a great job. And you can usually pick one up for a lot less on Craigslist or eBay. I know someone who has 20D and it takes great pictures! But you will have to probably buy Canon lens.
        But the Lumix should do a great job!

        Matt :D

  2. Ali

    Nice shot, nice cam.. But

    I will vote for nikon d90,,, it’s a wonderful kit,,

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