One-on-One is always fun! Ok, yeah that was a bit cheesy but it’s very true!

A one-on-one photo session with me will cost you about $150 dollars plus the cost for me to get to where ever you are.

We’ll meet anywhere you like. You pick the location and I’ll meet you there.

You will end up with around 20-30 edited photos on a nice CD.

Sound like a plan? Give me an email and we will talk.

So let’s review:

$150 For a couple hour one-on-one photoshoot

Location is anywhere you like

20-30 edited photographs

Suggestions for the shoot –

Come wearing your favorite clothes, color(s), whatever! It’s your shoot, dress how ever you like.

If you like, you can bring props (IE, stuffed animals, fancy hats, anything you like)

The best time to do a shoot is in the late afternoon a few hours before the sun sets. If that doesnt work out for you, dont fret, I can do any time that is convenient for you.

If you have any questions, send me an email!

Matty :D


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