2,996 Remembered

Last Friday my friend Austin and I (Ausin Miller Photography) met up at Tempe Camera to drool over camera lenses and get a roll of film developed. I finally finished up a roll of black and white film that I used in the Contax IIIa my aunt got me for graduation. I thought the film would take only a few hours to develop but turns out it wont be ready till Tuesday or Wednesday. Oh well. So he and I ended up walking down Mill Ave.
We decided to wander through Tempe Beach Park (there is no beach…just concrete) and happened upon this 9/11 Memorial.

It was a really moving memorial. Each flag had a name and brief description of someone who died when the Twin Towers collapsed.

I guess I can tell you my 9/11 memory. Since that seems to be the thing to do today.

So I would have been around eight when the planes crashed into the World Trade Center. I remember waking up and getting ready for school. I was still in real school at the time. We were about to go when my mom said to turn on the TV, some terrorists had hijacked some planes and we were being attacked. We turned on the TV and watched the planes crashed into the WTC. Being eight I didn’t really know what to think. It was scary and really weird. After the towers collapsed we still had to get to school. Once we got there we were told to go to the chapel for a moment of silence and prayer.

The next thing I remember was the time after the attacks. I remember that America was once again united. Instead of people thinking of themselves, they reached out and help others around them. They didn’t put themselves first. It was something I had never seen before. It made me think of what it must have been like in the 40’s and 50’s. Of course, once everyone had “moved on” it was back to them being number one. I wish it were still like that.

Well that’s my 9/11 memory. But one good thing did come from this horrible, tragic event. One of my best friends, Justin was born on this tragic day. :) Happy Birthday 17th lil’ buddy! Even though you’re not so little anymore. Which is stupid. ;)

So for all those who lost a loved one(s) or a friend(s) in the attack, you are in my prayers tonight. :)

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Matty :D



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A Few Colorado Photos

So Im sure you would all like to see a few photos from Colorado. So here they are. We haven’t really done anything that is “super” photographic. But tomorrow we are going to Durango and Silverton so I should find a few things to photograph.

I like this post. Each photo is so colorful and rich. Very little photoshopping done. Just some compression and slight lightening.

Matty :D

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Im in Colorado, Again

Hey guys, Im in Colorado for the week with my cousins from Texas. As usual, the campground doesn’t have wifi all over, so I probably won’t be posting much. If you wanna keep up with me though, follow me on Twitter. @therealmattymoo Yup, Im postin’ there n’stuff. Anyway, have a wonderful week! It’s now like 65-70 degrees and rainy. :) Im quietly laughing at all my friends in Arizona, suffering the 117 degree heat! Mwahaha! >:)

Matty :D

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The Story of a Confused and Tired Blogger

As you may have noticed, I haven’t blogged for over a week now. I haven’t felt like it and dare I say it, I’m kind of bored of blogging. Since I started this blog, I haven’t stopped blogging. I wanted a break. I realized that even while I was in Colorado, I was till obsessing with my blog. I needed to make a post. I needed to edit photos for my blog. I always checked my site stats. The list could go on and on. It than hit me that I was on vacation and spending a majority of that time on the computer. I was in the middle of a post (a post that I had spent two days trying to write) and just stopped. I put down the computer and just went outside to enjoy some God’s handy-work.

At that point in time, I emptied my mind of my blog. I needed too. I had been obsessed with my blog the entire trip (and the past year and half). I would get upset if the campground we were staying at didn’t have wi-fi. How was I going to blog?! But once I put the computer down, I felt some-what relieved.

The past few weeks, I have had a lot of trouble writing. Every time I sat down to blog, all these great thoughts I had in my mind, vanished. I was left there, typing whatever disorganized crap came to mind. It felt like there was no rhyme or reason to my writing. Which left me feeling rather confused. Even as I write this post, I’m not here. I don’t really know what to say. Im just trying to get the thoughts out of my head! (As I type, I keep telling myself to FINISH THIS POST! I have two or three drafts that I have started, but never finished because I don’t know how too.)

So, I really don’t know what I’m going to do. I’ve got a bunch of photos I want to show yall, but I also want to tell a story with them. I have some ideas but I don’t know if they will work or not.

A few of those ideas are these. I feel as if these “changes” will help improve my photography and my writing.

I might switch my blog URL from “journeysofaphotographer” to “matthigby” or “matthigbyphotography” or something of the sort. I realize that photography is “my thing”. It’s something I genuinely enjoy doing. I feel as though “journeysofaphotographer” was more a blog thing. So I probably switch my URL (or whatever it’s called) to Matt Higby Photography or something (I already have the URL things registered!).

Another change will probably be less blogging! A big mistake I made when I blogged everyday was I never proofread my posts. I just typed them and published them. Well that is not a very wise thing to do. As I have learned. I always seem to leave out important words, or misspell words, or what-not. So I’ve decided that I’m not going to blog every day! Instead, I am going to blog once or twice a week. And instead of just typing mindlessly, I am going to compose a post, take a break, proofread it, and then publish. I figured if I pace myself, I will end up with ~hopefully~ better posts.

I”ll probably make some other changes as well. But they will be more for promoting myself as a photographer and such.

Anyway, I don’t know when I will get around to finishing up those other blog posts. I may never finish them.

Matty :D

(Fact: I wrote this post two days ago. I took a break, and now I’m here proofreading it and publishing it. I feel as if this post is better than what I started with.)


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An Injured Camera

Hello fellow blog readers! How’ve ya’ll been? So you may have noticed, I haven’t blogged for a few days. I have a perfectly good excuse but Im going to save that for tomorrow (or maybe the next day, or when I feel like it!!!)

Anyway, I’ve come to you with bad news, my poor little Rebel has gone to see the (camera) doctor for the night. Yesterday my mom found a can of canned air. My camera’s sensor had accumulated quite a bit of dust over the past six or seven months and needed a good cleaning. So I took the canned air, opened the mirror (revealing the sensor) and begun blasting air onto the sensor. It was doing a pretty good job but there were still a few bits of dust on the sensor. So I went back to blast it again and out came this weird stuff.

Now you would think canned air would contain just canned air. But it doesn’t. That air has to get out of the can somehow and that’s most likely done with some form of propellant. Well that “propellant” has ended up on my sensor.

So today I ran my camera down to Tempe Camera to see what I should do. The lady there said that my sensor might be damaged and if so, I will have to send it back to Canon for a new sensor (read as – a super expensive repair). Right now though, it is there at TC for a good cleaning. The guy said he was going to do his best to clean off the stuff, so that’s “comforting”. And they even said if the sensor is damaged, they won’t charge me for the cleaning (a 55 dollar savings!). But that cost is minor compared to the big one that might come.

I’m really hoping it’s not damaged and just needs a good cleaning. I have been saving my money for a new iPod (when the new ones come out that is) and it would suck to have to spend that money to fix my camera. But my camera makes me money, my iPod doesn’t. (I just chuckled over that. Sadly.)

So needless to say, I am a bit worried and hope my camera is ok!

And here is my tip of the day for you – DON’T USE CANNED AIR TO CLEAN YOUR CAMERA’S SENSOR.

Lesson = learned

Matty :D


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Those Dang Mountain Views!

It seems as though every afternoon in La Veta is glazed over with overcast and rain. Now I’m not complaining for I am a Arizona Native and don’t see the rain to often. But I was really looking forward to photographing the mountains here in that beautiful evening sunlight. But with all the clouds, the mountains tend to look like this.

Sorry for the terrible framing. But this is what the afternoons and evenings have looked like. Dull and dreary.
But the past two evenings the clouds have broken up and let that warm, evening light shine through!

I know I used this one yesterday, but who cares? It’s an amazing photograph! I think Im going to print this one out and hang it on my wall.

This was today’s evening light. You probably won’t believe this, but this photo is SOOC.

I hope the light is this good tomorrow. We are going to the Royal Gorge. Basically it’s like the Grand Canyon of Colorado, only narrower but super deep (like 1000 feet). We are doing a Mystery Murder Dinner Train Ride in the evening. While the train is descending down into the gorge, some actors are going to be putting on a “Murder Mystery.” Basically it’s like the board game Clue, but on a train! :D It sounds super exciting and awesome.

Matty :D

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Pritchett, Colorado

Wow, Pritchett, Colorado is being talked about?! Crazy!? Well, as you know, my mom grew up in Pritchett. It was basically a little farm community. Not much happens there. My mom will tell you that when she graduated, there were only 11. That gives you a sense on how big the town was.
So basically there are three things in Pritchett, Grain Silos, Main Street (it’s the only street), and a few houses. These here, are called grain silos! It’s where they store grain after it’s been harvested.

And this would be Main Street! Look how busy it is!! Traffic everywhere! Actually, when I took this photo, I was sitting in the middle of the street.

The movie theatre! Now Showing….Vacancy.

And basically, that is the town of Pritchett. I got more photos. If you would like to see them, ask! I will gladly add them to this post.

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Matty :D

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A Relaxing (yet Exciting) Day in La Veta and Cuchara

Today we thought our cat was going to die. You read that right, die, like in, not breathing-no heartbeat-dead. See we had kept some lilies from my grandmother’s funeral and had hidden them from the cat. As all cat owners should know, lilies are poisonous to cats. We were keeping the flowers in the bathroom stall so he couldn’t get to them. Well, I accidentally forgot to shut the bathroom door completely and the cat quickly found himself digging through the flowers. We caught him immediately and washed as much of the pollen off. He had taken a small bit from the petal but it didn’t look like he swallowed. We all kind of panicked thinking it was the end for our cat. We did a lot of research and called a few vets and they said the pollen most likely wouldn’t harm him. We sat around knowing symptoms usually appear within the first few hours. Nothing happened. We consider ourselves pretty lucky. If he would have eaten a petal, he might not have made it. So that’s how today started out. We had planned to go see the Royal Gorge, but do to the cat’s recent ingestion, those plans were put on hold.

Other than that bit of drama, today was fairly lazy. Since we had decided to go to the Royal Gorge (but didn’t) we really didn’t have anything planned. So we just sat around and did nothing much.

My dad and I went into Walsenburg to get groceries. And then later I learned the differences between cabbage and lettuce. They look so gosh-darn similar that I had grabbed the wrong one (cabbage) when we needed lettuce. So my mom, sister, and I went Charlie’s Grocer for lettuce.

I love this photo. I like how the old folks are just sittin' around while the young whipper snappers are, well just walking.

Later this afternoon some deer decided to wander through the campground. For some odd reason deer like the grass along side the road. Which can lead to the occasional accident. Which is what happened today. An older man was riding his motorcycle and from the looks of it, swerved out-of-the-way to avoid hitting the deer. From the looks of it, he fell off but the injuries didn’t look to severe. Just scraps and cuts.

Later this afternoon some deer decided to wander through the campground.

After all the excitement, my mom, sister, and I drove up to Cuchara again to look at houses and soak in the scenery.

Aspens, probably one of my favorite trees. Next to Weeping Willows.

We ended the day with fresh corn-on-the-cob, bratwursts, smores, and a fantastic sunset.

Currently, I am sitting outside blogging while listening to the rain pitter-patter. It’s really relaxing here. :)

Matty :D

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Yes, We Have A Farm

Betchya didn’t see that one comin’?! Well, we do. Well, it’s my mom’s farm. Yeah, it’s a wheat farm, which is really cool. I guess my great-grandmother homesteaded it a long time ago.

I don’t know if the picture above is “our” land, but it should give you a sense what it’s like there. I find it really crazy that my mom grew up here! And you know how I thought Springfield was small? Well, that’s not where my mom grew up. She grew up in Pritchett! Which is even smaller!

Pritchett, CO. Yes, people still actually live here.

Let’s get back to the farm. I guess my grandfather built everything a long time ago when he was alive.

My granddad made this spot (below) and sadly it has been tramped by cattle (oh man, saying that makes me feel so…country). He planted all the trees and made the little pond himself. Of course the cows have pooped in the pond and destroyed the trees. It makes me really sad to see it like it was. I wanna fix it up and make it all pretty again!

In a nutshell, that would be the farm. Pretty cool huh? If you want to get away from it all, this is the place. You can see for miles and miles. It’s pretty crazy.

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Matty :D

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A Trip Through The Rockies

Well today instead of going to the Royal Gorge, we decided to stay here in La Veta to rest and relax. With last week’s busy-ness, it felt good to just sit around and do nothing. Mid-afternoon we decided it would be fun to drive up to Cuchara and visit some of the lakes my mom grew up seeing. Here are a few photos from the day’s adventure.

This is Blue Lake. It wasn’t very blue.

Blue Lake

Blue Lake

The views were spectacular on the way up to Bear Lake.

Bear Lake

After we finished “blazing a new trail” our stomachs told us that they needed some food. We stopped in Cuchara for dinner at The Dog Bar. I had fried chicken and garlic french fries. I would love to show you a picture of that delicious meal, but sadly, I didn’t think to take one after I had eaten everything. Opps. But I will tell you, it was some of the best fried chicken I had ever had. We let that digest for a bit and then my mom, sister, and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. The cabins are so cute (yes, I said that) and cozy.

My mom walking down the road

A lil' cabin

But the flowers, oh the flowers. They were so rich and colorful. I’ve heard that flowers are what “amateurs photograph.” Well that’s a big, fat lie! Flowers make excellent photos. And I will continue to photograph them.

And so, that was our day trip through the Rockies. It was really relaxing. The weather is perfect. It’s quiet. The air is fresh and the people are few. Ahhh, finally, a vacation. :)

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Matty :D

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