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thanks for being awesome.

Take a look at dem apples! WordPress sent me this little report telling me all the EXCITING things that have happened to my blog. I dunno what to say! Thanks for checking my blog. Thanks for reading my words. Thanks for looking at my photos. Thanks for putting up with my tacky grammar and horrid spelling. Thanks for still checking out my blog even though I don’t post as much. Thanks for the lovely comments. And lastly, thank you for being awesome. You guys made this blog AWESOME. And because I love it so much, I’m gonna continue to post here. Instead of using my other website. Yeah, I love you guys.

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,200 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Matty :D


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My Graduation Party!

Even though my graduation party was a few weeks ago, I have been too lazy to put a few photos up on my blog. Sadly, I forgot to get a group photo of everyone. Yeah, that’s right. I was photographing my party. Because Im cool like that.

This photo was actually taken by Austin! He wanted to play with my camera. This isn't even edited! I know, the tones are amazing!

So yeah, these were a few photos from that magnificent day!

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Matty :D


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I Survived High School and Graduated

Last Friday was Graduation day for a lot of the High Schoolers here in Arizona. There were 150 people graduating that day! Which is pretty cool.
I had to leave around 12 o’clock to get downtown so we could do a “dress rehearsal” of the thing. Being that I really have never been in the downtown area, I kinda sorta somewhat got…lost…Well more or less just confused…which is basically lost. Of course, once I figured out where I was, I had missed my turn. So, once I had flipped my car around and made that turn, I was headed in the right direction. Of course, I got there late and missed all the “important announcements” which really weren’t that important because I didn’t remember them after she told them to us again! And look, I graduated!
Anyways, the dress rehearsal only lasted till 3 and the actually ceremony was at 7 (and we graduates had to be back by 5:30-6ish). So Brandon (from Moezart), Kara, Alex (both from chemistry), and I (a far, far away place) wandered around downtown for a lil’ bit. It was actually a lot of fun! And of course, I got some cool photos of the downtown area.
We had Subway for dinner (BLAH!) and because it was so bloomin’ hot out, we didn’t really want to go walk around again. So we just sat in Subway and watched all the ComicCon people. Did I mention that? No, doesn’t look like it. Well along with the Graduation Ceremony, ComicCon (basically a bunch of single, middle-aged men who live with their mommies, and teens) was going on! So, the downtown area was littered with strangely dressed people.
5 o’clock rolled in and we left Subway and headed back to the Civic Center. We all got in our gowns and caps and experienced the Graduation Process! In which, we all Graduated! Hurray! :D

Here our a few photos from that day.

The San Carlos Hotel, I wish I would have taken a bit more time to get a better photograph, but it's still pretty cool

Moezart Graduates! <3

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Matty :D

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Midnight Cruise Prom 2011

Last Friday was prom! Yes! Prom! And I went! And it was super-duper amazing and way to much fun and awesomeness!

Miss Julie and I. Yes, I wore my dads tux. It was 25 years old.

Sorry, it really was a blast. We started the night off with some parent thing, which, was interesting. Even though nothing happened. :P

After that we moved right into dinner, which was absolutely tasty and yummy!

Fancy napkin

Once we finished that, we went out to the dance room to…sit and stare at each other for hours. haha Well for awhile Stuart and I did. We sat at the  (soda) bar drinking the night away. Cherry Dr. Pepper is amazing! I, wasnt planning on dancing, for I am a….well let’s just say it’s not pretty when I “movin’ my hips like yeah”.

Cherry Dr. Pepper. Good stuff.

She just kept the drinks coming! Amazing service!

But after a couple of drinks (more like ten) and after I realized no one was that amazing of a dancer, I started to dance myself. Very exciting!

Photo of the night. Jennis face was priceless!

So yup, that was prom. I’m so bummed it was my first and last prom. It was so much fun! Like, words cannot describe how much fun it was! So, I officially am calling myself, not senior…forever!

Last photo of the night. So much fun!

And that ladies and gentlemen, was Prom 2011. One of the best nights of my life! When I got home, it was about 12:30am and was covered in sweat. Totally worth it.

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Matty :D

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Icicles…In Phoenix, Arizona!?! What The…

Well today started off rather odd. Today I was going over to Vonda’s house to film another tutorial video to make “puffy inflated paper” (well, that’s what I call it. I don’t remember the name.) While we were on the way over, my mom and I drove past these two huge trees, covered with ICICLES!!! Like, both my mom and I couldn’t believe our eyes. I told my mom to turn around because I had to get photos. So she whipped the car around, dropped me off, and let me photograph for a about 15 minutes or so.

One of the guys there told me that he and his wife had been there for a little while, and in that time being he said over 100 people had stopped to talk photos. I noticed that quite a few people driving by were applying their breaks to gaze upon this glorious spectacle.

Of course, being a native Arizonan, I had no idea that when ice is frozen on sidewalks…that it becomes SUPER slippery. So my camera and I took a rather nasty fall. But of course being a photographer, I sacrificed myself to save my camera’s from being totally obliterated. But in return I got a nasty bruise on my right leg and have limped around all day. It was totally worth it.

So yes, we were a few minutes late for the recording of Vonda’s video, but once we told them our reason for being late, and showed a few photos, everyone understood.

Now on a completely different note, I had another Tea Party on Twitter. This one was different though…because Megan and I had it at midnight, her time. Megan lives in England so there is a considerable time difference between Arizona and England.


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Matt :D



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Happy New Year!

So today is the beginning of the new year, 2011. Wow, I seriously can’t believe it’s already 2011. I swear it was just 2010 yesterday!  Ok, yeah I know, that was lame but really, where did the year go? It’s like it just started and now its over! Holy Moly! So lets reflect back on what happened in the past year for me. There’s like no order to this, it’s just whatever comes to my mind.

– I turned 17

– I started a Project 365

– I got a camera (the Lumix)

– I started out in Photography

– I quit Taekwondo (Thank God!!)

– Started Moezart (Hurray!) and figured out I’m pretty good at it (well that’s what people tell me)

– Went to Durango twice and Oregon once

–  Survived the earthquake and tornado

– Started this very blog

– Went camping a bunch of cool places

– Made a ton of new friends! (That I love dearly)

– Started College

– And I’m sure a whole bunch more but of course not all of its coming to mind

So anyway, I have no New Year’s resolution. Why? Because its stupid and I would never remember to do it. I mean maybe I’ll do something simple like breathing. DONE! Well that was easy.

Day 334 – ofnoeufxmfoqpboupceimfqpoubwciunepfoubwpobejckvldekfjnlobvaiuvribcwbnclnixmhewfkcwefewfiubq. <–(Because I couldn’t think of anything to put here.)



Editered. :D

Ok, so this actually has some cool purpose and meaning to it. See, I turn 18, January 18th. Well I thought it would be cool to draw out a letter a day, until January 18th. When it’s all done it should spell out “Happy 18th Birthday!” Yeah, I thought it was pretty clever too.

Red crayon. My favorite color drawn with my favorite drawing utensil!

Well got to go eat dinner! We are having ribs! :D Yum!

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Matt :D



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