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I Shot My Best Friend and I Liked It

Helllloooo there! Long time, me no post. You good? Nice to hear. So this past month has been yet another hectic one. We celebrated Christmas up in our new cabin. A new year randomly appeared without notice or invitation. For some reason, I turned nineteen (!). I enrolled at PVCC (Paradise Valley Community College) and am taking a class there. Im still doing CollegePlus!. And amongst all this busy-ness, I shot my best friend. Not with a gun you fool! A Canon! ;)

During winter break Daniel wanted me to take his senior portraits. Whoopee! It all started one late winter afternoon. The unsuspecting Daniel and I drove out to South Mountain for a fun-filled afternoon of hiking and making fun of chubby, whiny children who didn’t want to hike. Daniel got out of the car and I shot him. The end.

All joking aside, this shoot was super awesome! Daniel is one of my most favoritest persons EVER and I love him dearly. He’s got a strange sense of humor and gives “excellent” relationship advice. ;)

Have a good day!

Matty :D


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Peek-A-Boo Daniel

Please forgive. This photo was taken in the…*gulp* Microsoft Store. I call it the Microsucks store because it’s a terrible store! Ive been in there a few times (yes, I know) and I have never, not once, been asked if I need any help. They never tell me about the products (because they know they suck) or anything. It’s ridiculous! If it were an Apple Store you would have been helped in a matter of minutes. But what would you expect from something that is owned and run by Mircosucks. Efficiency? Costumer Service? Nope. Never. Hence why more and more people are switching to Apple.
Anyway, we met Daniel and Jonathan at Sprinkles for cupcakes and then wandered around Scottsdale Mall for a while. I took this photo while Daniel and I were playing on the super nice Sony’s. Yeah, the Sony computer was nice, but everything else sucked.

Now Playing – Marry The Night – Lady GaGa

Matty :D

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The Famous Bathroom Profile Picture!

(This is a picture of Daniel, Julie, Jonathan, and your’s truly, taking a picture of us all in the bathroom at Joe’s Farm Grill.)

Why is it teens like taking pictures of themselves in bathrooms? And then decide to upload it to Facebook and make it their profile picture. I don’t know but I find it a ~bit~ strange to take a camera into the bathroom to take pictures of yourself. I honestly think it’s a little “to” personal.

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Matty :D


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Happy Birthday to Me!!! :D

So as you might have noticed, I did not blog yesterday. And I had every right not too! Because yesterday was my 18th birthday. Now of course, it’s not like I didn’t want to blog, no no, I love blogging, it’s just Id rather do something else (like eating pizza with Daniel and Jonathan). So yes, I neglected my blog.

So you are probably wondering how my birthday was, well it was fabulous! We went to the 40th Street Cafe for breakfast because they have the BEST pancakes EVER! Then mom came and dropped me off at the house because she had to go to Vonda’s. So I had the house to myself for about 30 minutes! :D Then my dad and sister came home. :P haha Ummm, really I did nothing much. I thought I would be cool and NOT do school because you know, its my birthday. Mom also took me to Costco to pick out a cake! Yes, a Costco cake (Psst! Theyre really good!), which is totally cool because Costco is cool.

I saw this cool old 'Stang in the parking lot of the 40th. I'm not much of a 'Stang person, but I do love old cars. :)


Of course the pinnacle of my day was going out to dinner with Daniel and Jonathan (and their wonderfull mom! (oh and Sarah, my bro’s GF)) at Grimaldi’s! Yes, we ate cake in the parking lot after.



Yes, rainbows. Because rainbows are AWESOME! And it was either that, or flowers. :P


Daniel-son! :D (don't ask me what the gray bar is. I didn't put it there.)

Jonathan-Jimmy-Johndude-Johnathan WHATEVER!!!!


Yes, that was my birthday. And ok, I lied, I did study for my test. But it was like late at night and my mind was all exiwefoud.

Today’s Post – Well today I have spent quite a bit of time studying for a CLEP test. The test is on interpreting literature and the majority of the test is poetry. Well sadly, I SUCK at¬†interpreting poetry. It’s like reading russian in a german dialect. And I’ve been studying my eyes out and I still don’t get it!!!! So I broke down into a pyscho-maniac-like rage and starting calling poetry stupid! Oh yes. I am bad.

This has nothing to do with my test. Hence why there is a picture of him. I get easily distracted whilst studying and well, he happened to be near by. Along with my camera. Picture time! :D


A nice, full, yellow, moon. Cool.


Welp, I do think its time for me to go. Dont really know where, but most likely off into my room for sleep. I’m tired today. Yeah…

Now Playing – 21 Guns – Green Day – I accidentally hit “back” on my iPod and so I had to listen to it again! :D

Matt :D






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I couldn’t come up with a more creative title so I left it titleless. Even though by putting “titleless” I’m giving it a title, but still the title has no relevance to the blog post.

Anywhooo, we saw Daniel and Jonathan today! Which is always amazing. They moved into their new house and my mom fixed them dinner because, she felt like it/volunteered too/I don’t know. But Mrs. H seemed a little burnt out from moving so my mom was cool and helped her out some. My sister and I of course throughly enjoyed seeing Daniel and Jonathan. We hung out in their really cool empty rooms! :D

I took this picture a couple of days ago. It has nothing to do with what happened today. But I thought it was cool.






Ok, well I think there is a new Mythbusters on and being that, that is one of my favorite shows, I’m going to go watch it.

Now Playing – Just Dance – Lady Gaga

Matt :D

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Film Fables

On This Day – So how is everyone today? Sorry my I blogged so much yesterday. I had to catch up on posting! But now Im all caught up! So, today (and yesterday) my sister and I had to get caught up in the few days of school we missed. Luckily, we didnt have that much to do. Which was nice. We also went with my dad to his office to do school while we had our carpets cleaned here at the house. So all in all, its been a pretty typical day. Nothing to exciting going on. I dont think. Unless I forgot. Maybe. I cant remember.

Day 275 – Even though I didnt have a ton of school to do, I still had to do it. So, today I didnt get any pictures. D: But then I remembered that I hadnt blogged any of the photos I took on film! So, I decided to use some of them for today’s picture! I took some other ones, but I wasnt gonna blog them ALL!! I should save some for later. ;)

DANIEL!!! haha I think I took this at his birthday party! :D

So out of all of the photos I took on film, this one had to be one of my favorites! Its like perfectly exposed. Focus is spot one (mind you, this is a manual focus camera). Colors are AMAZING! (no P'shopping). I dunno. I just love everything about it!

And then I love this one too! Focus, exposure, everything is awesome! Oh, and Zack is pretty much AMAZING in this photo! haha Actually, these have to be some of my favorite pictures I took with film. haha

So in case you are wondering, “What the heck is that line running through the pictures?!?” Well Im pretty sure that was the developer’s fault (Costco’s). Because when I took through the film negatives, I dont see a line or nothin’ in the pictures. So I think it happened when they were printing them or something. Of course, then all they did to put the photos on the DVD was to scan the prints, not the film.

Now Playing – 21 Guns – Green Day

Matt :D

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A Forein-heir

On This Day – Well today was a lot better! Because today is Moezart day!! Yup! So today was pretty awesome!

Day 260 – Well, haha, this is a pretty corny picture. Usually Michelle poses perfectly for a picture! But I think, no, Im sure she was just joking around! But! I think it captures the personality of Michelle and anyone in Moezart! :D

The original was kinda weirdly colored. I dont know why my camera does this. But it just does.

But as usual Photoshop can take away a funny tint! :D

I was experimenting with a new technique on changing colored pictures to black and white ones. Instead of using the "Black and White" converter thing. You "throw away" the colors. Basically all you do is go up to "image" select "Mode" click "Grayscale" and basically it throws away the color and keeps all the definition nstuff! Then you just edit with the curve, levels, etc. So that how I did BW with this photo!

Thank you for checking out my blog! Please Tweet, Facebook, Email, or whatever you do to share my blog to the world!! Thank you very much! :)

Now Playing – Cant Be Tamed – Miley Cyrus

Matt :D

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I love these guys!!

On This Day – well today was Moezart! So of course it was awesome! :D Sadly, Miss Julie was sick so we had a sub, Tori! She did a good job for a sub I guess. haha But after Moezart was just as awesome!! Why? Well because we went to dinner with Daniel, Jonathan, and then David joined a little later!!! :D I love these guys!! They’re just down right amazingly awesome! :D

Day 253 – well since we were in a restaurant, the little was poor, and white balance had a little trouble, but it still turned out pretty good! Except for the light coming through the window kinda blew out the picture. :(

The unedited image. Paradise Bakery had these chairs so we decided to sit in them and eat dinner!

Well since it didnt turn out to good, Black and White always fixes that. haha

And I didnt get a good picture of David, so he didnt get into the post. :( Sorry David!

Please tell your friends about my blog! Thank you! :)

Now Playing – Stay – Miley Cyrus – I would like to say that I have found a few more Miley Cyrus fans!!! I think I know four now? Yeah! :D

Matt :D

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those dang heirs!

On This Day – Man, I seriously need school to go away. There’s so much of it!!! So yeah, I did school today and then this afternoon was MoezArt which was pretty awesome!!

Day 232 – well I could have gotten a better picture, but I didnt. It happens. I blame my lousy inspiration on school. Its cluttering up my creativenessity! Ugh.

Dont you just love everyone's facial expression? hahahahaha!

And here is the edited!

Now why dont ya tell your friends about my blog? Please? Thank you!

Now Playing – Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s

Matt :D

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On This Day – well today was Moezart!!! Fun! fUn! fuN! :D After that we went to dinner with Daniel, Jonathan, David, my mom, Daniel and Jonathan’s mom, me, and my sister!

Day 225 – Ok so as you know, I cant help but not upload more then one photo for P365 because I dont want to make my friends feel bad if I just pick one. If that makes since?

This is when everyone realized "mom" has a "will" and they all went running looking for it.

I love Daniel and I love photographing during sunset! :D

And here is the edited! I learned how to crop in PS today! :D

David is refilling his drink. WOW!

So I turned it into a black and white silhouette.

So this image pretty much turned out perfect. So i decided to edit it. But the difference between the two was minuscule that I just decided to show you the edited.

And thats a wrap! So why dont you go and tell your friends about my blog? Thank you! :D

Now Playing – My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson

Matt :D

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