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Pictures vs. Photographs

Well hey there, how you doin’?

So as of late I have been checking my Tumblr a lot and I don’t know why. Every time I check it, I get upset. What’s upsetting is how many horrible pictures my friends reblog. I swear, out of every “good” photo, there’s at least 10 bad ones. Do you people not have eyes?! You just reblogged a photo of someone’s shoes!!! I don’t care about shoes! Why the heck does this piece of crap picture have 2,000 likes/reblogs?! It’s horrible!!!

Then I realized not everyone shares the same view as me on the differences between a photograph and a picture. So here is what I think.

As a photographer I am always trying to improve my photography. One of the ways I am trying to is by taking less pictures and making more photographs. To me, picture and photograph mean two different things.

A picture is something that you take instantly. It’s usually a “slice-of-life” moment. Now these photos aren’t bad and sometimes they can be very interesting. But the problem is is EVERYONE takes pictures. And most the time this pictures have no thought put into them. They are just a snapshot. Usually un-compositional, grainy, blurry, easily forgettable, etc. But as a photographer one of the keys to becoming “One of the Greats” is to make PHOTOGRAPHS that are MEMORABLE.
To me, a photograph is something that took a photographer a long time to create. Minutes, hours, days, even years. Photography is suppose to be a form of art and art is RARELY created instantly. Some artists never finish their work. Another aspect to a good photograph is thought. Planning ahead. The photographer may have had an idea for a photograph in his head for a long time before he finally creates the image.
I’m trying to take less pictures and create less (yes thats right, less, you don’t make a lot of photographs) photographs. But those few photographs that I have created, I want to be great.

That’s my thought on the subject. What do you think? How would you describe a picture/photograph?

Matty :D

(P.S. sorry for any spelling, grammar, or missing words. I typed this all out on my iPhone.)



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