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Oh, Hey There.

Soooo, yeah. It’s been a long time hasn’t it? I really don’t know what to blog about. As usually, school has been sucking up most of my time. I spent the past month studying for a history test that I ultimately failed (again). I was one point away from passing too, which made the failure so much more painful. So now I have to wait six months to retake it. UGH.

A couple of weeks ago my family went up to Sunrise, AZ to see all the “fantastic fall colors!” When we got there, most of the leaves had fallen off. And the trees that did have leaves, were just yellow. No reds, oranges, just yellow. :/ I had even spent a ton of money at Tempe Camera on film and a Circular Polarizing Filter just for the occasion! Now all I have is a roll of undeveloped film sitting in the Contax. But the CP Filter is cool! I totes gotta make a blog post on that one! One of the best photography investments I’ve made, next to my 50mm!

What next? Oh, Halloween! Ummm, we carved a pumpkin. And a few trick or treaters stopped by. I think people were importing kids into our neighborhood. haha We had a lot of candy left over though, which is always good. It’s why I like Halloween. We really don’t have to go trick or treating because we buy a big bag of candy and only give away like, six bars or packs or whatever. Here is the pumpkin my sister and I made. Guess which side I did?

OH, I guess the most exciting thing to happen to me is……………………………………………………You probably are just gonna skip over all these dots just to see what is so “exciting” to bad! More DOTS!!!! …………………………………………………………….I got an iPhone! YAY! Im all hip now! Well not now-now, but in a-few-weeks-now! Our whole family was eligible for new phones and they only had two none-data phones in the store and I didn’t want them because it was an update of the previous phone I had and that phone was a piece of junk so I def didn’t want that so I ordered an iPhone 4S! Im super excited! :D

In a few weeks, you'll be all mine little iPhone-y. All mine.

So this post really has no rhythm or structure or order. This is just everything that came to my mind while typing.

Have a good day!

Matty :D



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Hey guys! My blog’s all fixed (hopefully) and should be ready for more…ermm…blogging! Im a few days behind so Im just gonna make one kinda big blog post!

The Past Few Days – well lets see, the past few days Ive gone to see Snoopy the Musical, finished going through all the pictures from Caroline’s Birthday, eaten food, studied for my CLEP Test, gone to Orangeleaf with the cast from Snoopy, slept, seen my grandpa, really not much has happened.

Day 289 - here is the original!

Day 289 - Oh Boy! The edited!

Day 290 - (unedited) Snoopy! Yup! That's Tiana! She played Snoopy! She did a wonderful job along with the whole cast! :D

Day 291 - (unedited) Well my sources (I.E. Wolfram Alfa) are telling me that I am a day behind blogging. So I decided to throw in this flop of a picture. I took it on film so I think it was the White Balance thing. Im considering it a "work of art" because its coloring is "abstract" and describes the "true essence of fall."

Day 292 - (no edited) well today whilst I was cooking lunch, I went to get something out of the freezer and noticed that two soda cans had burst! The funny thing about it is, is I heard them burst earlier this morning. I just thought it was cool that the top had kind of "blown-off."

Well hopefully Im all caught up now….Yup! I am. Sorry about the delay in blogging. WordPress said it was just a problem with something-or-other and they were fixing the problem as I emailed them.

Anyway, what do you think of the new blog theme? I really like! Its got my three favorite colors, black, white, and red!!! Hope you like it too! :)

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Matt :D

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Missing Fall :(

On This Day – WHAT!?!?! What is with this madness!?! Cool weather…in November!?! That cant be! You know the funny thing about Arizona is you can always spot out the natives and the snowbirds (the people who leave from Michigan, Wisconsin, etc to get away from the freezing cold). How? Well the natives are all bundled up in their “winter” clothes while the snowbirds are wearing jeans and a T-shirt. hahaha! So basically today was really nice, weather wise. My sister and I went into the office with my dad. Did school, got out of a math test (shyesss!), and then came home and ate dinner. Yup, not much goin’ on.

Day 282 – well again with not having a picture. Grrrr. Im getting lazy in taking pictures. I mean I kinda have an excuse, I havent gone anywhere to get some unique or cool photos! Im either at home, Moezart, or School. Yeah, whatever, I just havent wanted to take pictures of the sunsets because I realize I take ABUNCH of those. Sure they are cool but I mean come on, it gets kinda repetitive. So…well I dont know when I will be going somewhere to get some cool photos, but I must find inspiration somewhere.

This is from our walk through the park in Bend.

And this would be the editated one.

Well thank you all for checking out my blog. Tomorrow’s school! Yup! Oh! Thanks for reminding me! Gotta print that paper out! Thanks blog!

Now Playing – Enchanted – Taylor Swift (ok, no, I have not been listening to the same Taylor Swift’s songs over and over, its just like, every time I go to put the song, its happens to be that one. Weird. I know.)

Matt :D

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waiting outside the lines

On This Day – FINALLY! Friday! Im so ready for a day to sleep in! Im been super tired and worn out lately. Too much school. haha So basically all I did today was school. After that my mom took my sister and I to Starbuck’s (bleh) and then to Costco (hurray!) to get Taylor Swift’s new CD Speak Now!!! :D Havent gotten to listen to it all yet but the few songs I have, have been good! :)

Day 277 – Well didnt get a picture today. Been so busy with school n’stuff that photography has been but on the “back burner.” This weekend should be fun though, because I am going to shoot a friend’s birthday! :D Yup! Im pretty excited!

Ugh. I kinda like this picture. I took while I was in Downtown Bend. I was walking while I was taking it and didnt really think much of composition. :P Guess thats what happens when you try to rush photography. ;D

And here is the edited.

Well hopefully tomorrow I feel a little bit more “inspired” to take photos! haha

Now Playing – Waiting Outside The Lines – Greyson Chance (he came out with his first song, and I really like it! I think he is better then Justin Bieber.)

Matt :D

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Fall Frenzy!

October 30, 2010 Post

I took a walk around the little town of Sisters because it was such a nice place to walk! haha I visited all (I think) the Antique Stores and while I was out I saw this cute little kitten! oh my gosh! I wanted to take it home with me!
Later that afternoon we went to Bend to see our friends The Cardot’s (pronounced Car-Dough). We just took a walk through the park there and it was really relaxing. :)
Here is the edited.
I love this photo! I love how the guy is wearing a red jacket while he is under the yellow tree! I thought it was cool!
And here is the edited. While out on the walk, I met a guy with a Canon 7D with a 400mm L Lens! He let me hold it n’stuff! It was awesome! :D

Well that was my time in Bend! It was really nice to see The Cardot’s. :)

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Matt :D

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I Love Fall!

On This Day – Well as we all know today is Mundane. So basically all I did was school. Bleck! But my sister and I did have an interesting conversation this afternoon! We talked about what we did when we were little and all the fun we had! Oh where should I begin??? Well there was this time when my sister and I called each other “Spike” (thats me) and her “Spaghetti” (my sister). I got the name Spike because I had spiky hair way back then and she got Spaghetti because of her long, blonde hair! But wait, it gets worse. My sister and I pretended that we were Junkyard Dogs. No. Im not joking around. We lived in a “junkyard” (IE, the living room) and, well I really dont remember what we did. But I do know we built amazingly awesome forts! haha And then there was the phase were all we did was play with LEGOs! Oh, how I loved playing with LEGOs for countless hours! I miss those days! :'(

Day 266 – well I didnt get any pictures today because of school! I know! It’s terrible! So I am going to use this one that I took over the weekend.

So here is the original. It was a little "flat" in the color department. Seriously, it was a very vibrant and rich scene.

So I helped the picture out a little with PS. :)

Thank you for looking at my blog! Will you please tell your friends about it? Thank you very much!

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Matt :D

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Fall Foliage!

October 23 Posting –

On This Day – Well today we took an ATV ride through the forest! We decided to go up to these old indian drawings. They were really cool! And there was fall colors everywhere!!! It was sooooo nice and pretty!

These were the indian drawings under the cliff. You could actually see them better from the road then from taking the hike. haha

This was the ONLY tree that had a lot of different colors! Like the rest were just yellow. So I had to photograph it!!!

The amazing part of this image is that the sun was only hitting that part of the tree for like three seconds! After I took the picture a cloud had moved in front of the sun! Lucky shot, no?

Please tell your friends about my blog! Thank you!

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Matt :D

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Fall flaws

On This Day –  ahhhh…you know how it feels after a busy week to just have a day and do nothing? It’s so relaxing. :) So yeah, I didnt do to much today. I vacuumed the house. Went to Goodwill to get some shoes. Oh, and we had steak for dinner! I love a good steak. It’s just one of those things thats good anytime anywhere. :)

Day 236 – Did I mention today is fall? Yes! Its the start of fal…Oh wait! I live in Arizona, we dont do Fall. You know, cooler weather, leaves changing colors, wearing jeans, sweaters, jackets, beanies, waking up in the morning and drinking hot cacao to warm up? Yeah and all that great stuff. We dont do it. We decide to just let summer go on a few more months. Then in like a week, it goes from 100+ to 70’s. Yup. My state is strange! And I kinda love it for that. :) Except it doesnt get Fall. Thats a flaw.

This is a picture I took a long time ago. I think what I find so captivating about it is, is that I wonder what it looked like before it withered away. What color was it? Was is poofy? Just all these questions that wont ever get answered. hmmm...

Here is the edited.

Please tell your friends about my blog!!! Thank you very much!

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Matt :D

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