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Instagraming my way through April

Well hello there. Gather ’round. Would you like some tea? How about some cookies? Please, do sit. No not there, there. Fantastic. Let me tell you a story. It all started at the beginning of the month. I was casually checking the Instagram popular page when I saw this,
It looked like fun so, I did it. Or am doing it. Yeah. So here are this week’s April Instagram photos. All photos were taken with my iPhone, with the exception of one.

April 1st.
Today's photo brought to you by Reflection! Making everyone look stupid since the mirror!

April 2nd - Today's April photo theme is brought to you by RED seating. The most uncomfortable seats your butt will ever sit on.

April 3rd - Today's photo brought to you by USPS. Delivering your mail the most inefficient way possible! :D

April 4th - Today sponsored by Brett and Andrew! The most amazing middle schoolers you'll ever own! (This was the only photo that was not taken with my iPhone. It was taken with my DSLR)

April 5th - Todau's theme is brought to you by Tiny Tricycles. Keeping your knees safe from scratches since 1680!

April 6th - Today's theme is brought to you by Five Guys! Forever in In-N-Out's shadow.

April 7th - Today's April photo theme is sponsored by SHADOW. Making men look like giants since God created the sun.

Tune in next Sunday for this week’s photos! Or you can follow me on Instagram. My username is batmatty.

Happy Easter!

Matty :D


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Now Im in Colorado

Hey blog reading people! Just here to give you all (I could have used yall there, but I’m not in Texas anymore) a quick update. We left Texas today and are now in Springfield, Colorado. The “campground” here is empty. We are the only people staying here. It’s raining. My mom said that it’s a rare thing for it to rain here. There is not much going on here. It’s quiet. Yes, I am talking in short sentences. It makes me seem, mysterious. Top secret almost. Like, I’m doing something important. But I’m not. There is no internet here. We are tethering the internet via my Dad’s iPhone. Which means, if I upload any photos I’ll eat up a TON of data. So if I do. They’ll be really compressed. If that’s ok with you. I’m fine with it. I probably wont blog much while we are here.

Good bye.

Matty :D

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