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Oh, Hey There.

Soooo, yeah. It’s been a long time hasn’t it? I really don’t know what to blog about. As usually, school has been sucking up most of my time. I spent the past month studying for a history test that I ultimately failed (again). I was one point away from passing too, which made the failure so much more painful. So now I have to wait six months to retake it. UGH.

A couple of weeks ago my family went up to Sunrise, AZ to see all the “fantastic fall colors!” When we got there, most of the leaves had fallen off. And the trees that did have leaves, were just yellow. No reds, oranges, just yellow. :/ I had even spent a ton of money at Tempe Camera on film and a Circular Polarizing Filter just for the occasion! Now all I have is a roll of undeveloped film sitting in the Contax. But the CP Filter is cool! I totes gotta make a blog post on that one! One of the best photography investments I’ve made, next to my 50mm!

What next? Oh, Halloween! Ummm, we carved a pumpkin. And a few trick or treaters stopped by. I think people were importing kids into our neighborhood. haha We had a lot of candy left over though, which is always good. It’s why I like Halloween. We really don’t have to go trick or treating because we buy a big bag of candy and only give away like, six bars or packs or whatever. Here is the pumpkin my sister and I made. Guess which side I did?

OH, I guess the most exciting thing to happen to me is……………………………………………………You probably are just gonna skip over all these dots just to see what is so “exciting” to bad! More DOTS!!!! …………………………………………………………….I got an iPhone! YAY! Im all hip now! Well not now-now, but in a-few-weeks-now! Our whole family was eligible for new phones and they only had two none-data phones in the store and I didn’t want them because it was an update of the previous phone I had and that phone was a piece of junk so I def didn’t want that so I ordered an iPhone 4S! Im super excited! :D

In a few weeks, you'll be all mine little iPhone-y. All mine.

So this post really has no rhythm or structure or order. This is just everything that came to my mind while typing.

Have a good day!

Matty :D



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Sorry I havent blogged much yall! I miss blogging everyday, but then I also don’t. I dunno, I have mixed feelings. But I’ve had this itchin’ to blog some and since I got some cool photos today, I felt it only necessary I should today.

I don’t know why I was so captivated by these photos. I love the lighting and the semi-out-of-focus-ness of each photo. I hope you like them too. :)

So yeah, it’s not my usually style, but I really like them. I love the colors and everything. I’d also like to mention that I’m going to be changing a few things on my blog. Ok? Ok.

Matt :D


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Leica M8’s and 50mm Primes

Day 331 – Well what an awesome day today, for me at least. To start things off, its been raining most of the day. :) Which is awesome sauce because native Arizonans LOVE the rain. Next to the rain, my dad and I went down to Photomark, (and then later to Tempe Photo, more on that later) to pick up a 50mm Prime Lens, some filters, and a new battery, for my dissler (DSLR). Well when my dad and I got to Photomark as luck would have it, they were pretty much cleared out of inventory from Christmas and wouldn’t have new stuff in for a few more weeks. UGH! So of course I didn’t get my 50mm, but they did have an extra battery and some filters. So I got those there.

But going to Photomark wasnt a total let down! Why? Well this picture should explain.

A Leica M8 with a 35mm f2.0 Lens. (begins drooling)


Noooo, I didn’t get an M8 (depressed!) but I did get to hold it, take a few pictures with it, bask in it’s all mighty gloriousness, and worship it. Someday…someday…

Well Photomark told us to go to Tempe Camera because they said Tempe might have some 50mm. It wasnt to far away so my dad and I went. To my surprise, they had quite a bit of inventory (I later found out why)! So I bought the 50mm and paid ten extra dollars because that’s the deal-o at TC. Photomark was cheaper but they wouldn’t be getting new stuff in for a few weeks and I, being an impatient little brat, couldn’t wait, so I bought it. We actually spent about an hour they’re talking with one of the employees! I learned a bucket load of information and I’m dying to tell you, but this post is already getting kinda long so remind me to tell you about it! K? It will be EXTREMELY VALUABLE to you, my photographer friends!

My new 50mill! I'm in love! Its great! I highly recommend getting one! I guess it was worth the extra ten bucks. :)



One of the first few pictures I took with my 50mm! Beautiful Bokeh. :)

Oh man! This is just down right awesome! 1/4000sec, f1.8. :)

Lalala, just having so much fun with the 50mm. :D

This is actually my project picture. Man! I love 50mm! :D :D


And FYI, these are all unedited! mmhmm! So that kinda was my day. My uncle also took us out to dinner to Famous Dave’s because he wanted that to be my parent’s Christmas gift. Yum! :)

Remind me to tell you all about what I learned today!

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Matt :D

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Fall Foliage!

October 23 Posting –

On This Day – Well today we took an ATV ride through the forest! We decided to go up to these old indian drawings. They were really cool! And there was fall colors everywhere!!! It was sooooo nice and pretty!

These were the indian drawings under the cliff. You could actually see them better from the road then from taking the hike. haha

This was the ONLY tree that had a lot of different colors! Like the rest were just yellow. So I had to photograph it!!!

The amazing part of this image is that the sun was only hitting that part of the tree for like three seconds! After I took the picture a cloud had moved in front of the sun! Lucky shot, no?

Please tell your friends about my blog! Thank you!

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Matt :D

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an eerie glow

On This Day – Grrr. I did not want to do school this morning. I just wanted to sleep. And sleep. And sleep some more. Oh well. Luckily I didnt have much to do today so that was nice. But I did have math this afternoon. It went well. For math that is. :P

Day 252 – well I didnt get a picture today so I decided to use this one from yesterday! I thought it was cool with the glow around the leaves and everything.

The original! It turned out really well!

So I did a little editing in PS, probably about 10-15 minutes tops. I love quick edits! :D

Hey you! Thank you for checking out my blog! Please tell your friends about my blog! Thank you! :)

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Matt :D

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pictures to burn

So, here I am, finally getting to upload some pictures. One of the days I took a bunch of super good photographs so I decided to make some of the other days, photos from that day. Make sense? I always do. Lets start:


Day 172- No editing done to this picture. Just left it the way it was. My dad and I stopped my Creekside for dinner on our way up the mountains. This was his jar of water.



Day 173- This is the original photo. Unedited. I thought in and of itself, it is a fantastic photo, so I thought Photoshop could make it even better!



And here is the edited version. I dont know what I did but I changed stuff around a bit. Oh and these are the pictures I got when I went on a hike by some friend's house up in Pinetop, AZ.



Day 174- From the hike. I saw this little flower and then the bug. I just love how the bug stands out with his bright red, yellow, and black body! No editing done to this picture.



Day 175- From the hike. I love this picture!! This was like an 1/8 of a second exposure, handheld. Unedited version.



Day 175- From the hike. So I decided to edit it some in Photoshop. It looks so much better now!


Day 176- I dont really know what night I took this but I love the sparks flying off and everything. No editing done here.

Day 177- (current day) Today we drove over to Durango, Colorado again. It was cloudy and I thought they looked really cool. No editing done here.

Now Playing on my iPod- Nothing! Im here sitting by a creek in Durango, blogging. So…relaxing…. :)

Matt :D



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lovely leafs

Hooray!!! I am up-to-date! Current! Live…almost! Im so happy to have good internet so I can blog! haha

Day 148- this picture was the runner-up for Day 144. I had trouble picking between the two! I decided to go with the other one for Day 144 because of the super cool bokeh (am I spelling that right?) Since this was the runner up (and I didnt get any pictures today) I decided to upload this one. Im gonna give yall a heads up, since its so hot out, I probably wont be taking many pictures so I will probably be using some that I have already taken. I know its a bummer but it happens. Thats what I get for living in a desert. :PPlease tell your friends about my blog!

Matt :D

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glad to be back!

Hey everyone! I havent been able to blog in awhile because I was on a vacation in Texas and Colorado. We didnt have very good internet so I had to postpone blogging.

Day 140- This is what it is like to ride in out motorhome. I like to call it the MoHome though.

Day 141- We stayed at the Alpen Rose Rv Park in Durango, Colorado. This is what we were camping under. Day 142- Ok, this picture has to be one of my favorites! When I was taking this picture, I remembered that I had panorama making software on the computer! So I decided to take my first pano! I think it turned out really really good!Day 143- On this day, my sister, dad, and I went gliding! It was absolutely incredible!!! This image (in color) turned out to be one of the better ones. Being that it looked good in color, I decided to try it out in B&W. I also tried (for the first time) Photoshop! I spent about two hours working on this photo! It was worth it! And yes, the water was that strange bluish-green color.Day 144- I was kinda bored this day so I decided to go outside and get pictures of this tree’s leaves. I took about 30 photos and it boiled down to this one. I really like the bokeh (background blur) in this picture, it adds something to it.  So here is just a few days worth of pictures. Im going to upload the rest in another post!

Please tell your friends about my blog!

Glad to be back!

Matt :D

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