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I Shot My Best Friend and I Liked It

Helllloooo there! Long time, me no post. You good? Nice to hear. So this past month has been yet another hectic one. We celebrated Christmas up in our new cabin. A new year randomly appeared without notice or invitation. For some reason, I turned nineteen (!). I enrolled at PVCC (Paradise Valley Community College) and am taking a class there. Im still doing CollegePlus!. And amongst all this busy-ness, I shot my best friend. Not with a gun you fool! A Canon! ;)

During winter break Daniel wanted me to take his senior portraits. Whoopee! It all started one late winter afternoon. The unsuspecting Daniel and I drove out to South Mountain for a fun-filled afternoon of hiking and making fun of chubby, whiny children who didn’t want to hike. Daniel got out of the car and I shot him. The end.

All joking aside, this shoot was super awesome! Daniel is one of my most favoritest persons EVER and I love him dearly. He’s got a strange sense of humor and gives “excellent” relationship advice. ;)

Have a good day!

Matty :D


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Eyes On The Road

On This Day – well what have I done today, hmmm, I think Ive spent the entire day studying for my CLEP test. Actually yes, that is what I have done all day. But I didnt have math.

Day 294 – well because I spent the entire day studying, I didnt have time to take any pictures.

This was taken yesterday on the street where my Uncle Dave lives. I thought it looked really cool after the nice rain.

And here is the edited. Not much different, just a little richer colors and stuff.

Anyway, I should probably go and continue on studying. Whoopee! I get to spend my whole Thanksgiving Break studying for a stupid test! :D (sarcasm intended.)

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Matt :D

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streaking! no, its not what your thinking

On This Day – It’s Monday. What can I say. So I did school. Yeah. I had math this afternoon. Which went as well as math can go. Now we are watching (well Im not) the football game with my grandpa. I decided that I blog. I find that way more enjoyable. Its not that I dont like football, its just I cant stand sitting in front of the TV for four hours. I’d rather spend four hours editing photos. haha

On This Day – So I blame school for my lack of inspiration. No, I dont have Photographer’s Block right now, but its just I dont have much time to photograph now. :( I know. Its depressing. So this is a photo I took last night of Freestone Park’s lake.

The unedited version. Im pretty sure I used a one second exposure, f3.6, and ISO 80.

haha GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!?!? This is the same exact photo.....EDITED!!!!!!!! Holy moly!!!! These are best viewed large because you can see all the details!

Well thats this blog posting! Please tell other people about my blog!!! Thank you very mucho!!!

You blog readers wanted Star Rating Graph thing so, your wish is my command!

You can now rate by Stars! I made em red ’cause thats my favorite color! :D

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Matt :D


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well lit lamp

On This Day – well we went to church this morning. After that we spent like 20 minutes driving around looking for a Taco Bell. hahaha Then we just kinda spent the afternoon chillin. My dad wanted to go out for dinner with my Uncle Dave and his Wife (my Aunt) Theresa. We went to Macayo’s for dinner. I spent most the evening haggling to get my Uncle’s little Canon. I wanted to buy it from him just so I would have a small little camera to throw in my pocket so I wouldnt have to tot my “big” Lumix around. My Uncle said I could have it after he bought my Aunt a new one. So….for now, I will have to carry my Lumix around.

Day 216 – Well I saw this lamppost outside Macayo’s. I thought it was pretty awesome!

Well I wanted to try and position the camera so I wouldnt get an annoying light in the background. Sadly, any angle I took it from there was some distracting object in the background.

So I Photoshopped it out. Hopefully you don think thats super manipulated, because I thought the little light in the background was distracting from the main focal point.

Please tell your friends about me blog! It would greatly appreciated!!!

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Matt :D


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smiling light :)

On This Day- my mom, sister, and I went to Safeway groceries, Walgreens for film and a battery, and Albertson’s for tea. haha I dunno, I just thought that was kinda funny. Then this afternoon I got a bit of a tummy ache (still do actually) and after dinner my dad took my sister and I out for frozen yogurt at Yumberi Yogurt.

Day 205 – As shocking as this sounds, I actually took this photo today! haha, sure its not the best, but if ya look at it in a certain way, it looks like its smiling. :)

Well, I took the photo, handheld at ISO 800. If your wondering what it is, its the lights from my ceiling fan, shining through a magnify glass. Interesting eh?

I wasnt in the mood to edit in Photoshop tonight. Can ya tell? I can. Maybe thats cause I know I edited it in iPhoto so I think thats not as good or something. I dunno.

Yall come back ya hear? And bring ya friends too.

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Matt :D

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lit by light

On This Day- Well lets just jump straight to the afternoon, k? Cause that was the highlight! Why? Because my sister and I started Moezart!!!!!!!!!! (times that by trillion) Im soooo excited! We have an awesome cast and I cant wait to do this play! Even though the actually show wont be for a few more months! :( But who cares! And in case you were wondering, the play is called “Putting On Heirs.”

Day 197- Well I took this one while on vacation. Again, my dad and I were just wandering around town and we went into an old hotel. I of course, began to dart around snapping up a few pictures. Since the whole building was so poorly light for photographing, I had to hold the camera super steady or else the picture would turn out blurry. Anyway, Im pretty sure this was the skylight for the staircase. It was a nice lovely old hotel and I really wanted to stay there. Just cause its old.

The unedited version. There was just enough light to help knock out slight camera shake.

Again with my light Photoshop jobs. I didnt do much because I didnt want to lose that "look" whatever that might be.

You know, you probably are thinking that it would be a good idea to tell your friends about my blog. And its super easy now with the “Tweet” button! Go ahead! Tweet It!

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Matt :D

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I <3 len flare!

My Day Yesterday- I did nothing. No seriously. Like all I did was watch Tv and stare into a computer screen. But I have come to a conclusion. Before, I hated commercials on Tv. But now that all Tv has become is false or created drama (even in reality Tv) Ive decided that the commercial is the best part of a show.

Day 196- well I actually took this photo today! I was sitting on the computer (like I said) this evening and the sun started to blaze through the window. It was super annoying yet strangely cool. I scurried to get my camera so I good capture some awesome lens flare. The sun shined through the window for about 3 or 4 minutes and then hid behind the trees. I really like this shot.

I actually got another photo of lens flare that I liked better then this one. The SOOC was rather gray. But once I Photoshopped it, I liked it better.

So really I didnt do much. Changed the curve a bit. Brightened and adjusted the contrast. And then exposed it some more. (that sounds soo wrong)

Things will be gettin’ better if you tell your friends about my blog.

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Matt :D

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speed of light

On This Day- Well this morning I got enrolled in a college! Yup! I signed up for a college course thing called CollegePlus! Basically, its college at home. After that I went over to Vonda’s house. She wanted me to photograph her house so it can be put on her blog! Took those photos and then went to pizza at NYPD. Fairly interesting day I guess.

Day 193- Guess what!?! I actually took this photo today! Sadly, all I had was my phone with me. :P All I did was put my phone on “Night” mode and swooshed it in a swooshing-like motion. I got this when we went to NYPD tonight.

So here's the original, SOOCP. I didnt like the colors very much because the night mode bleaches everything out.

Oh but the great and mighty Photoshop can fix that! Hallelujah! Mainly just changed the curve to make it darker and saturated it more.

Ok, is this like not the sickest thing EVER!?!?! It looks so modern and abstract!! Oh man! its sooo cool! All I did was invert the photo. What ever that means. haha

Why dont you try and tell your friends about my blog!?! Yeah go on! See if I care! Cause I do!

Now Playing- Paint It Black – Siobhan Magnus – Seriously, when she sang this on American Idol. It blew my mind away! It twas amazing!

Matt :D


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