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Who’da Thunk?

Greetings fellow blog readers! How have y’all been? So a lot has happened to me in the past month and I would love to tell you about it but something has been “revealed” to me as a photographer. Let me explain.

This “revelation” came to me yesterday afternoon while watching this DigitelRevTV video. Something that stuck out at me in the video was the way Chase Jarvis asked the client what they would like to see in their images. Right there, it hit me. I realized something I had never thought. The client has a vision for their photographs too! What I mean by that is the person I’m shooting probably has an idea what they want their photos to look like. Whenever I go out on a shoot, I always spent hours thinking what I want my photos to look like. It may be an actual image(s) or just a general theme.

Sometime this week I am going to be shooting my good friend Daniel, senior portraits (Daniel is a bit sick so when he gets to feelin’ better, I’ll shoot him ;) and the major “theme” I’m going to try to achieve in this shoot is to create “bright” images. Now that may seem awfully vague but it’s what I would like to see in the photographs. Brightness. Light. Airy. What do I mean by that? I dunno. But it’s my vision for the shoot.

Now if it weren’t for that video above, I don’t know if Daniel (and his family) would be completely satisfied with their photos. I’m sure Daniel has a “vision” for what he wants his photos to look like. And I need to know that! Or Daniel won’t be completely satisfied with his photos. So how do I find this out? I will ask him of course! What does he want to see in his photos? Is it brightness? Darkness? Happiness? Seriousness? Who knows! What matters most is that he gets what he wants.

I don’t know why it took me so long realize this. It’s something so completely important to personal photography! The funny thing about this is it made me think of my CollegePlus! coach. Every couple of weeks I have a Coaching Call to discuss how studying is going and so forth. One of the questions my coach ALWAYS asks me is, “Now my Matt, what do you want to take away from this call?” He asks it to me every time and every time, I don’t know what to say. I sometimes have a few questions, he answers them, and that’s all I need. When he asks that question, I always feel like I have to give some “serious” reply. When really it can be just getting a few simple questions answered, to helping me overcome some obstacle in my life. When I look at this, I realize this applies a lot to my photography! I should be asking my client what do they want to see in their images. Like I said above, they might have an idea and it is my job to help fulfill that idea!

Anyway, I’ll be back ~hopefully~ before the end of the year. But if not, I hope you all had a very merry christmas and a wonderful new year!

Matty :D



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Pictures vs. Photographs

Well hey there, how you doin’?

So as of late I have been checking my Tumblr a lot and I don’t know why. Every time I check it, I get upset. What’s upsetting is how many horrible pictures my friends reblog. I swear, out of every “good” photo, there’s at least 10 bad ones. Do you people not have eyes?! You just reblogged a photo of someone’s shoes!!! I don’t care about shoes! Why the heck does this piece of crap picture have 2,000 likes/reblogs?! It’s horrible!!!

Then I realized not everyone shares the same view as me on the differences between a photograph and a picture. So here is what I think.

As a photographer I am always trying to improve my photography. One of the ways I am trying to is by taking less pictures and making more photographs. To me, picture and photograph mean two different things.

A picture is something that you take instantly. It’s usually a “slice-of-life” moment. Now these photos aren’t bad and sometimes they can be very interesting. But the problem is is EVERYONE takes pictures. And most the time this pictures have no thought put into them. They are just a snapshot. Usually un-compositional, grainy, blurry, easily forgettable, etc. But as a photographer one of the keys to becoming “One of the Greats” is to make PHOTOGRAPHS that are MEMORABLE.
To me, a photograph is something that took a photographer a long time to create. Minutes, hours, days, even years. Photography is suppose to be a form of art and art is RARELY created instantly. Some artists never finish their work. Another aspect to a good photograph is thought. Planning ahead. The photographer may have had an idea for a photograph in his head for a long time before he finally creates the image.
I’m trying to take less pictures and create less (yes thats right, less, you don’t make a lot of photographs) photographs. But those few photographs that I have created, I want to be great.

That’s my thought on the subject. What do you think? How would you describe a picture/photograph?

Matty :D

(P.S. sorry for any spelling, grammar, or missing words. I typed this all out on my iPhone.)


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The Famous Bathroom Profile Picture!

(This is a picture of Daniel, Julie, Jonathan, and your’s truly, taking a picture of us all in the bathroom at Joe’s Farm Grill.)

Why is it teens like taking pictures of themselves in bathrooms? And then decide to upload it to Facebook and make it their profile picture. I don’t know but I find it a ~bit~ strange to take a camera into the bathroom to take pictures of yourself. I honestly think it’s a little “to” personal.

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Matty :D


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The Lego Photographer

I love this photo! In order to get this shot, I used all the macro filters I have for my 50mm f1.8. I discovered something, with all the filters on there, the Depth-of-Field is next to nothing (at f1.8 that is)! It’s darn-near impossible to get it in-focus! So as amazing as this sounds, the aperture setting for this photo was f5.6 with like a 2 second exposure using ISO 400 (800?). This photo is actually the Lego version of me! Yes, I consider myself to be using a Leica M9 with a 50mm f0.95. Because we all know, that would be the dream set up for a photographer. Oh man, just think of the Bokeh at f0.95…

Matty :D


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Well I just checked my blog stats, and guess yall? We just broke 6000 blog views!?! Holy Macaroni!! I don’t know what to say, all I can say, I guess, is thank you for all your support, comments, and encouragement!!! It has been so much fun blogging and reading what you guys say. I love it when someone I barely know, walks up to me and says, “Hey, are you that kid with the blog? Your photos are amazing!” Every time that happens I freak out! I think it’s so cool how people know me through my blog! Its awesome!

Ive been thinking about maybe doing a contest when I get to 10,000 views! Oh yes! A CONTEST!!! But I need you guys to spread the word. THE WORD. (about my blog ya know? The thing…you’re reading…ya…that.)

Thank you all! Please accept this HUG – *hugs everyone* *squeezes* *squeezes harder* *eyes pop out* Opps… *walks away*

Now Playing – I Wont Apologize – Selena Gomez (Wow, I’m pretty bitter arent I? I just hugged you until your eyes popped out and now I wont apologize.)

Matt :D


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OH THE HUMANITY!!! Woes of a Photographer Part 2!

So here we are again, dealing with the woes we photographers have to put up with. What can I say, we put up with a lot of stuff. So lets begin!

“Phooey on you”- This makes sense. See most of the time we photographers are disrespected, looked down upon in society. I think its true. I mean most the time when people see us, they think of us as freaks! We stand weird, we look weird, all we talk about is lenses, mega-pixals, and photoshop. Of course we are weird! We like it! Its how we roll. But some people have trouble understanding that. My tip for you is, dont try and understand us, we dont make sense, we never have, and we never will.

Digital Dude- does anyone remember film? Like, what happened to it man? It used to be the thing ya know? Like, digital was unheard off. So, like, what happened to it? Ok, I know digital is the new thing now. But I would like to ask the question, what did happen to film? I mean film is so classy. Its the TRUE photograph, in my honest opinion. Like nowadays, with our fancy digital cameras and high speed SD/CompactFlash Cards we just take a bagillion photos, put them on out computer, and delete the ones that arent good enough. But see with film, youve only got one chance really. You have to get everything spot-on or youve wasted an exposure! And film cost quite a pretty penny to buy and develop! So see, in film, you have to focus on taking a good photograph. Its what makes photography an art. Now Im not saying digital is a curse, but in my opinion, it kinda takes away from the artistic side of photography.

Paperweights- this happens quite often the realm of photography. See what happens here is when your battery dies, your camera, becomes useless. It becomes, a paperweight. And since most cameras use rechargeable batteries you cant walk into Walgreens and get a box of AA’s to replace it. Unless you have an extra battery or two with you, youve got an expensive paperweight wrapped around your neck.

Full as a Tick- We’ve all been there. You’re out-and-about taking pictures when your card says its full. You panic. You search your bag (if you carry one), your pockets, anything, to see if you have another card on you. You dont. You cry. You ask God why does this always happen to you?!? You weep some more. You pick up your camera and go home. You see fifty million more photographic opportunities but you cant capture it because your card is full. You kick yourself in the face. You get home. You sit down at your computer. You plug in your card reader. You begin to import photos when a message pops up on your screen. Your hard drive is full. You say a lot of bad things! You cry again (we photographers are soft). You now realize that you are going to have to buy ANOTHER hard drive to put photos ons. You decide it would just be easier to end it all….Ok, by now you should get my point. We take so many pictures that we run out of room on our HD’s and cards. Its a terrible thing. Oh the Woes…

Lets recap on what we have learned today:

  • “Phooey on You”
  • Digital Dude
  • Paperweights
  • Full as a Tick

And that Ladies and Gentlemen conclude today’s lesson in the Woes of a Photographer.

Please tell your friends about my blog!

Matt :D The Woeful Photographer

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OH THE HUMANITY! Woes of a Photographer…

Even though I said I wont be able to upload any pictures for a few days, I can still blog.
A few months ago a photographer friend (check out her blog here: Journeys of a Seedling) and I talked about the woes we photographers have to put up with. We came up with a small list that night and we both thought we should blog about it.

Lets begin.

Shutter Disappearance Syndrome/Phenomenon (SDS/SDP)- this has happened to all photographers. Basically what happens here is when a photographer wants their picture with their friend or by a tree or whatever, they usually hand their professional camera off to some random person. Now this is something we all do, so I dont find that a problem. What the problem is here, is that when you hand your fancy camera over to them, they become dumbfounded by its complexities. They look at it and are ultimately confused and of course ask that oh so annoying question, “Do you just push the button?” Now I prefer to give a sarcastic answer to this because its so stupid, but it happens all the time. And of course, you are usually in the middle of a lecture telling them the camera will do all the work, just push the button, so you tend to be captured in some odd, bent, contorted shape and your mouth looks like it was yelling at them to, “JUST PUSH THE BUTTON!!” Oh, its so hard being a photographer. But this is only the beginning of it.

Unflattering Snapshots- Now this happens when your out-and-about with friends or family. See, you’re the photographer, you take the amazing pictures. And see, photographers are willing to risk their life, their health, their sanity, and their sense of comfort, to capture the perfect shot. So usually we will be bent head-over-heels (literally) to get the perfect picture. What tends to happen is, when you’re with your family/friends they tend to think you look rather funny with your “butt in the air” so they pull out their point n’ shoots and take a snapshot of your butt. Of course they think its absolutely hilarious, you find it less then amusing. But to top this all off, when you ask to get their picture by a cactus or tree, they object because their “hair is messy” or their “sweaty.” HELLO PEOPLE!!! You just took a picture of my BUTT!!! Would it kill ya to at least let me get your picture?

Unplugged Moments- This hasnt happened to me much yet, but in a nutshell, its that time when your looking for your card readers cord, your mouse’s cord, keyboard’s cord, external HD cord, camera cord(s), they happen to all be black, stuffed in a bag or draw…hopefully you get my point. Its a mess and confusion and it drives photographers nuts!

Murderous Lag Times- we all like awesome long exposure pictures, but taking them is soooo boring. See back in ye olde days, when we used film (whatever happened to it?) you just took the exposure, picked up camp, and left. Now that we’ve gone digital we have to wait for the exposure to take and then, then, wait for its to process. Which takes as long as you left the camera exposed. Its time consuming, and boring and there is not much you can do during that time.

So this is just a few of the horrors we photographers must endure. Lets recap:

  • Shutter Disappearance Syndrome/Phenomenon (SDS/SDP)
  • Unflattering Snapshots
  • Unplugged Moments
  • Murderous Lag Times

These are just a few of the things we have to put up with, there are more to come.

Please tell your friends about my blog!

Matt :D

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