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Instagraming my way through April

Well hello there. Gather ’round. Would you like some tea? How about some cookies? Please, do sit. No not there, there. Fantastic. Let me tell you a story. It all started at the beginning of the month. I was casually checking the Instagram popular page when I saw this,
It looked like fun so, I did it. Or am doing it. Yeah. So here are this week’s April Instagram photos. All photos were taken with my iPhone, with the exception of one.

April 1st.
Today's photo brought to you by Reflection! Making everyone look stupid since the mirror!

April 2nd - Today's April photo theme is brought to you by RED seating. The most uncomfortable seats your butt will ever sit on.

April 3rd - Today's photo brought to you by USPS. Delivering your mail the most inefficient way possible! :D

April 4th - Today sponsored by Brett and Andrew! The most amazing middle schoolers you'll ever own! (This was the only photo that was not taken with my iPhone. It was taken with my DSLR)

April 5th - Todau's theme is brought to you by Tiny Tricycles. Keeping your knees safe from scratches since 1680!

April 6th - Today's theme is brought to you by Five Guys! Forever in In-N-Out's shadow.

April 7th - Today's April photo theme is sponsored by SHADOW. Making men look like giants since God created the sun.

Tune in next Sunday for this week’s photos! Or you can follow me on Instagram. My username is batmatty.

Happy Easter!

Matty :D


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a post about things

Has it been a month already? Good heavens! So how has everyone in the blogging world been? Good? Bad? I’ve been pretty dandy. Busy of course. Lots of things going on such as, college, moezart…oh wait, that’s it. Oh well, it seems like a lot more than just those two things! For college Im studying College Composition (basically CLEP’s version of English 101) and at PVCC I’m taking CPD 150. It’s a college success class. Oh, have I not told you that I am attending community college now? Yeah! Collegeplus isn’t working out for me so I decided to try community college. I like it a lot better!
You know how I graduated from Moezart about this time last year? And how I cried my eyes out because I was so sad it was over? Well….I am in the middle schooler’s play, HONK! The Musical! It’s super fantastical and I’m having so much fun!
Anyway, I’m trying to get into the habit of blogging once a week. About three weeks ago I told myself I should do this. As you can see, I haven’t kept my promise. :P
So this post is basically just a compilation of random photos from the past couple months.
A lot of these photos were taken with my iPhone 4S. It has slowly become my new favorite camera. I find myself reaching for it instead of my DSLR. I love the instant share-abilty and compactness of it. It fits in my pocket and goes everywhere with me. It’s definitely not replacing my DSLR for “professional” work, but for just a carrying-around camera, it’s fantastic!

(Taken with the Canon) This is what we woke up to one morning at our new cabin in Pinetop. By the end of the day, a lot of the snow had melted. (It is also my current blog header.)

Just went for a walk around the neighborhood. (Taken with my iPhone, edited in Photoshop)

Ive started running A/V at our church. I thought the light was so purty that morning. :) (Taken with iPhone, edited in Instagram)

So I got a Macro/Wide-Angle lens for my iPhone. The macro lens is CRAZY close and CRAZY good. haha (Taken with iPhone, edited with Instagram)

Met up with Christian down in Tempe for a little photography adventure. Christian uses a Nikon so I threw him behind bars. ;) (Taken with the Canon)

A tower in Tempe.

These are some of the middle schoolers I get to hang out with every Tuesday. Andrew (L) and Brett (R). I have adopted them as my children because they are awesome! (Taken with iPhone)

I’ll do another post talkin’ about how amazing the iPhone 4S’s camera is. It’s crazy good.

Have a good day!

Matty :D

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Last Set of Moezart Photos

Ok, so here are the last set of photos from the previous week. These were just a few of my favorites, so if you didn’t make my blog or something, it’s not because I don’t love you, it’s just because I’m not going to upload 150 photos to it. Anyway, tomorrow I’ll right about how much Moezart has affect me. :)

Catherine, after the last performance, a bunch of us went to McDonald's to get ice cream. :)

The next Julian Smith? Quite possibly.

Colin, you just look....cool.


Awwwwww! Daniel (www.mindofdaniel.wordpress.com) is a PHOTOBOMBER.

Now Playing – Haunted – Taylor Swift

Matty :D

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Photos of You Know What…

They are like twinkies! haha

Oh yes...

So...I decided to be Gru (from Despicable Me) on the last performance. I was told I did rather well...

Everyone was pretty sad on the last performance. There were probably ten million hugs given that night

Now Playing – Firework – Katy Perry (As I’ve said, she’s a babe)

Matty :D

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Just Moezart Stuff

You should know by know that these are just photos from Moezart Dress Rehearsal Week and Production.

Michelle has appeared in a lot of these photos....she's a blog hog! hehehe

Colin is just pickin' up all the ladies. ;)

In-between Saturday's shows some of us made a mad-dash to Sprinkles to get...Cupcakes! :D

Catherine, Jenni, Courtney, and Jessica (who is looking away...)

Now Playing – The Girl is Mine (with Paul McCartney) – Michael Jackson

Matty :D

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Moezart Stuff

I just love all these people! I loved everyone in this cast! It was such an awesome play!

Hahaha! I loved Jenni's face, she looks very fifties. :D

Hairspray tastes icky.

Michelle and Colin

Brandon, Courtney, and me all looking rather...stunning!

Now Playing – Disco Heaven – Lady GaGa

Matty :D

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So Many Photos!

Wow! Last week was one of the bestest weeks of my life! It was such an amazing week! Why? Well because last week was dress rehearsal week for our play Bye Bye Birdie (BBB for short). So this week will be a ton of amazing photos from the previous week. And at the end I am going to blog about how much I love Moezart and how it has completely changed my life. By the way, there is no particular order to these photos, they are from the entire week all just…mixed together!

Colin..being amazing.

Miss Julie!!!! Our super amazing artistic director!!! :D <3

"Family" Photo! That's my wife, Tiana, and my daughter, Michelle. :)

Jenni in her lucky Chuck Norris shirt!

Now Playing – Stay Beautiful – Taylor Swift

Matty :D

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Black and White Week!

We all should know that black and white photos are the best. There is just something about them that makes them so compelling and interesting. Of course, you have to know how to take a good black and white.

Now Playing – Sparks Fly – Taylor Swift

Matt :D

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My Pummelvision

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t blog yesterday, just didn’t feel like it. I’ll tell ya more why later. Anyway, someone tweeted this cool new thing called Pummelvision, basically it takes your photos from Flickr, Facebook, or Tumblr and puts them all into a video. Its pretty cool and fun to watch.

Day 320 – This is my Pummelvision from all my photos on Facebook. Check it out. It goes really fast and it’s really cool! 

Ok, Well I’ll try to blog tonight.

Now Playing – Telephone – My sister is learning how to play it on the piano!!!

Matt :D

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OH THE HUMANITY!!! Woes of a Photographer Part 2!

So here we are again, dealing with the woes we photographers have to put up with. What can I say, we put up with a lot of stuff. So lets begin!

“Phooey on you”- This makes sense. See most of the time we photographers are disrespected, looked down upon in society. I think its true. I mean most the time when people see us, they think of us as freaks! We stand weird, we look weird, all we talk about is lenses, mega-pixals, and photoshop. Of course we are weird! We like it! Its how we roll. But some people have trouble understanding that. My tip for you is, dont try and understand us, we dont make sense, we never have, and we never will.

Digital Dude- does anyone remember film? Like, what happened to it man? It used to be the thing ya know? Like, digital was unheard off. So, like, what happened to it? Ok, I know digital is the new thing now. But I would like to ask the question, what did happen to film? I mean film is so classy. Its the TRUE photograph, in my honest opinion. Like nowadays, with our fancy digital cameras and high speed SD/CompactFlash Cards we just take a bagillion photos, put them on out computer, and delete the ones that arent good enough. But see with film, youve only got one chance really. You have to get everything spot-on or youve wasted an exposure! And film cost quite a pretty penny to buy and develop! So see, in film, you have to focus on taking a good photograph. Its what makes photography an art. Now Im not saying digital is a curse, but in my opinion, it kinda takes away from the artistic side of photography.

Paperweights- this happens quite often the realm of photography. See what happens here is when your battery dies, your camera, becomes useless. It becomes, a paperweight. And since most cameras use rechargeable batteries you cant walk into Walgreens and get a box of AA’s to replace it. Unless you have an extra battery or two with you, youve got an expensive paperweight wrapped around your neck.

Full as a Tick- We’ve all been there. You’re out-and-about taking pictures when your card says its full. You panic. You search your bag (if you carry one), your pockets, anything, to see if you have another card on you. You dont. You cry. You ask God why does this always happen to you?!? You weep some more. You pick up your camera and go home. You see fifty million more photographic opportunities but you cant capture it because your card is full. You kick yourself in the face. You get home. You sit down at your computer. You plug in your card reader. You begin to import photos when a message pops up on your screen. Your hard drive is full. You say a lot of bad things! You cry again (we photographers are soft). You now realize that you are going to have to buy ANOTHER hard drive to put photos ons. You decide it would just be easier to end it all….Ok, by now you should get my point. We take so many pictures that we run out of room on our HD’s and cards. Its a terrible thing. Oh the Woes…

Lets recap on what we have learned today:

  • “Phooey on You”
  • Digital Dude
  • Paperweights
  • Full as a Tick

And that Ladies and Gentlemen conclude today’s lesson in the Woes of a Photographer.

Please tell your friends about my blog!

Matt :D The Woeful Photographer

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