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I met an internet friend and didn’t die

Last friday Cheyanne came to visit me. Now this doesn’t seem like exciting news, but it is! You see, Cheyanne is from Michigan. And as most of you should know I live in Arizona. Michigan and Arizona are not neighboring states (if you didn’t know that). So, how does one get to know someone who lives in Michigan? The internet of course! :D That’s right, Cheyanne is (was) an internet friend that I got to know through Twitter.
So I don’t really know where to start but basically Cheyanne texted me a few weeks ago and said she was coming to Arizona for spring break because she wanted to meet me (and see Austin) and I was like, “NO WAY!” and she was like, “WAY!” but before she could come out she had to double-check and see if it was okay with her mother and since I’ve skyped with her family n’stuff her mom thought it was cool so Cheyanne spent half of her life savings just to come meet me and we went to the zoo and Mill Avenue in Tempe and because Cheyanne had never eaten at Chick-Fil-A before we took her there and then we went to an improve comedy club that night. It was an AWESOME day and I can’t believe Cheyanne had to go home saturday morning. It’s like she BELONGED in Arizona.

(sorry about the run-on sentence.)

Here are a few photos of Cheyanne and one from the zoo.

I took a bunch of photos of the zoo animals but I only liked this one of the parrot.

Cheyanne at her first Chick-Fil-A! Guess what? She liked it! :D

So yeah, I meet an internet friend and I didn’t get murdered, raped, or molested.

Matty :D


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I Shot My Best Friend and I Liked It

Helllloooo there! Long time, me no post. You good? Nice to hear. So this past month has been yet another hectic one. We celebrated Christmas up in our new cabin. A new year randomly appeared without notice or invitation. For some reason, I turned nineteen (!). I enrolled at PVCC (Paradise Valley Community College) and am taking a class there. Im still doing CollegePlus!. And amongst all this busy-ness, I shot my best friend. Not with a gun you fool! A Canon! ;)

During winter break Daniel wanted me to take his senior portraits. Whoopee! It all started one late winter afternoon. The unsuspecting Daniel and I drove out to South Mountain for a fun-filled afternoon of hiking and making fun of chubby, whiny children who didn’t want to hike. Daniel got out of the car and I shot him. The end.

All joking aside, this shoot was super awesome! Daniel is one of my most favoritest persons EVER and I love him dearly. He’s got a strange sense of humor and gives “excellent” relationship advice. ;)

Have a good day!

Matty :D

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Film Fables

On This Day – So how is everyone today? Sorry my I blogged so much yesterday. I had to catch up on posting! But now Im all caught up! So, today (and yesterday) my sister and I had to get caught up in the few days of school we missed. Luckily, we didnt have that much to do. Which was nice. We also went with my dad to his office to do school while we had our carpets cleaned here at the house. So all in all, its been a pretty typical day. Nothing to exciting going on. I dont think. Unless I forgot. Maybe. I cant remember.

Day 275 – Even though I didnt have a ton of school to do, I still had to do it. So, today I didnt get any pictures. D: But then I remembered that I hadnt blogged any of the photos I took on film! So, I decided to use some of them for today’s picture! I took some other ones, but I wasnt gonna blog them ALL!! I should save some for later. ;)

DANIEL!!! haha I think I took this at his birthday party! :D

So out of all of the photos I took on film, this one had to be one of my favorites! Its like perfectly exposed. Focus is spot one (mind you, this is a manual focus camera). Colors are AMAZING! (no P'shopping). I dunno. I just love everything about it!

And then I love this one too! Focus, exposure, everything is awesome! Oh, and Zack is pretty much AMAZING in this photo! haha Actually, these have to be some of my favorite pictures I took with film. haha

So in case you are wondering, “What the heck is that line running through the pictures?!?” Well Im pretty sure that was the developer’s fault (Costco’s). Because when I took through the film negatives, I dont see a line or nothin’ in the pictures. So I think it happened when they were printing them or something. Of course, then all they did to put the photos on the DVD was to scan the prints, not the film.

Now Playing – 21 Guns – Green Day

Matt :D

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On This Day – Moezart!!!! Hooray! Had a fantastic day there today! Blocked the first scene of the play! After that, my sister and I went to in-n-out with Daniel, Jonathan, Zack, Tiana, David, and my sister Julie! It was freakin’ awesome!!!!

Day 210 – Well, I had trouble picking just one photo. I didnt want to make anyone feel bad so I just decided to do multiply photos! Hey, its my Project 365 and Ill do whatever I want! I decided not to show you the unedited version because I didnt do to much to the photos. Just changing the curve, contrast, and saturating it a bit. And thats all I did to them. And they really didnt need them. The sun was setting and it was PERFECT portrait photo-taking!

I love Daniel! He's so awesome! :D

I love David! He's awesome too! :D

I dont love Jonathan. :P hahaha Just kidding! Jonathan is awesome!

And Zack had left so I didnt get his picture. :( But that doesnt me I dont love him still! And by love, I mean I love them as friends. Just to specify.

Now why dont you spread the love around and tell your friends about my blog?

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Matt :D


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