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Who’da Thunk?

Greetings fellow blog readers! How have y’all been? So a lot has happened to me in the past month and I would love to tell you about it but something has been “revealed” to me as a photographer. Let me explain.

This “revelation” came to me yesterday afternoon while watching this DigitelRevTV video. Something that stuck out at me in the video was the way Chase Jarvis asked the client what they would like to see in their images. Right there, it hit me. I realized something I had never thought. The client has a vision for their photographs too! What I mean by that is the person I’m shooting probably has an idea what they want their photos to look like. Whenever I go out on a shoot, I always spent hours thinking what I want my photos to look like. It may be an actual image(s) or just a general theme.

Sometime this week I am going to be shooting my good friend Daniel, senior portraits (Daniel is a bit sick so when he gets to feelin’ better, I’ll shoot him ;) and the major “theme” I’m going to try to achieve in this shoot is to create “bright” images. Now that may seem awfully vague but it’s what I would like to see in the photographs. Brightness. Light. Airy. What do I mean by that? I dunno. But it’s my vision for the shoot.

Now if it weren’t for that video above, I don’t know if Daniel (and his family) would be completely satisfied with their photos. I’m sure Daniel has a “vision” for what he wants his photos to look like. And I need to know that! Or Daniel won’t be completely satisfied with his photos. So how do I find this out? I will ask him of course! What does he want to see in his photos? Is it brightness? Darkness? Happiness? Seriousness? Who knows! What matters most is that he gets what he wants.

I don’t know why it took me so long realize this. It’s something so completely important to personal photography! The funny thing about this is it made me think of my CollegePlus! coach. Every couple of weeks I have a Coaching Call to discuss how studying is going and so forth. One of the questions my coach ALWAYS asks me is, “Now my Matt, what do you want to take away from this call?” He asks it to me every time and every time, I don’t know what to say. I sometimes have a few questions, he answers them, and that’s all I need. When he asks that question, I always feel like I have to give some “serious” reply. When really it can be just getting a few simple questions answered, to helping me overcome some obstacle in my life. When I look at this, I realize this applies a lot to my photography! I should be asking my client what do they want to see in their images. Like I said above, they might have an idea and it is my job to help fulfill that idea!

Anyway, I’ll be back ~hopefully~ before the end of the year. But if not, I hope you all had a very merry christmas and a wonderful new year!

Matty :D



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