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Oh, Hey There.

Soooo, yeah. It’s been a long time hasn’t it? I really don’t know what to blog about. As usually, school has been sucking up most of my time. I spent the past month studying for a history test that I ultimately failed (again). I was one point away from passing too, which made the failure so much more painful. So now I have to wait six months to retake it. UGH.

A couple of weeks ago my family went up to Sunrise, AZ to see all the “fantastic fall colors!” When we got there, most of the leaves had fallen off. And the trees that did have leaves, were just yellow. No reds, oranges, just yellow. :/ I had even spent a ton of money at Tempe Camera on film and a Circular Polarizing Filter just for the occasion! Now all I have is a roll of undeveloped film sitting in the Contax. But the CP Filter is cool! I totes gotta make a blog post on that one! One of the best photography investments I’ve made, next to my 50mm!

What next? Oh, Halloween! Ummm, we carved a pumpkin. And a few trick or treaters stopped by. I think people were importing kids into our neighborhood. haha We had a lot of candy left over though, which is always good. It’s why I like Halloween. We really don’t have to go trick or treating because we buy a big bag of candy and only give away like, six bars or packs or whatever. Here is the pumpkin my sister and I made. Guess which side I did?

OH, I guess the most exciting thing to happen to me is……………………………………………………You probably are just gonna skip over all these dots just to see what is so “exciting” to bad! More DOTS!!!! …………………………………………………………….I got an iPhone! YAY! Im all hip now! Well not now-now, but in a-few-weeks-now! Our whole family was eligible for new phones and they only had two none-data phones in the store and I didn’t want them because it was an update of the previous phone I had and that phone was a piece of junk so I def didn’t want that so I ordered an iPhone 4S! Im super excited! :D

In a few weeks, you'll be all mine little iPhone-y. All mine.

So this post really has no rhythm or structure or order. This is just everything that came to my mind while typing.

Have a good day!

Matty :D



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La Moon

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t blog last night. I was up late last night studying for a test that I thought I was going to be taking this morning, but didn’t. It looks like I’m going to take it Wednesday.

Anyway here is yesterday’s project picture. I know, I take a few pictures of the moon but whatever.

It's pretty majorly cropped but no editing done to it what so ever.



Matt :D

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Groovy Palm Trees

On This Day – Well today was sad. Why? Well because I had to get up and take my CLEP test. D: Thats why I didnt blog last night because I wanted to study. I dont think I passed the test though. :'( But before the test my dad took me to the 40th Street Cafe for breakfast! So that was nice.

Day 296 – well while I was waiting for my dad to pick me up, I took this picture. It was cold today! Like whoa! Not used to this weather! haha

A little blurryish but pretty cool! (and it was taken on my celly phone)

I like the edited because its all seventies and stuff! :D

Well I got to go! Mom wants the computer! Bye bye!!

Now Playing – Poker Face – Lady Gaga

Matt :D

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