Family/Group Photos

Family Photos

Do you need some photos for a Christmas Card? Or to send a picture to show Aunt Marge and Uncle Tim how much the kids have grown? Or just a nice family photo to hang on the wall? Im your guy!

I will come and take photos of your family for a great price.

A family of four will cost 250 dollars for a 2-3 hour photo shoot. Each additional person will cost 50 dollars.

Price – $250 for a family of four. $50 for each additional person Plus the cost for me to get to the location.

Where – You pick the place! Weather it’s a favorite park, or in your own backyard, any place works

Photos – You will end up with around 40-50 edited photos all burned to a CD and mailed to your house. If you would like prints (such as actually printed photographs, books, cards, mugs, etc) We can talk about that and negotiate a price for those.

Time – Preferably the last few hours of the day (around 4:30 – to sunset), if this does not work out for you, we can change the time

Some tips for the shoot –

– Come dressed how ever you would like. I would suggest casual-formal (You want to make Aunt Marge happy don’t you?)

– Late Afternoons are the best time to photograph, preferably a few hours before the sun sets. If this doesn’t work out, we can always select a different time

Group Photos –

Do you need some photos for a basketball team? Dance Group? Or anything that involves a group for that matter, I would be happy to photograph it!

We can meet anywhere you’d like and take a few photos.

Price –

1-5 subjects – 25 dollars per person

6-10 subjects – 20 dollars per person

11-20 subjects – 15 dollars per person

21 – 30 subjects – 12 dollars per person

31+ subjects – send me an email, we’ll talk

Plus the cost for me to get to the location

Photos – You will one CD (not per person) and you can distribute the photos from there. If each person would like a CD each one will cost 3 dollars. You will receive around 10-20 photos.

Matty :D


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