On This Day – Moezart!!!! Hooray! Had a fantastic day there today! Blocked the first scene of the play! After that, my sister and I went to in-n-out with Daniel, Jonathan, Zack, Tiana, David, and my sister Julie! It was freakin’ awesome!!!!

Day 210 – Well, I had trouble picking just one photo. I didnt want to make anyone feel bad so I just decided to do multiply photos! Hey, its my Project 365 and Ill do whatever I want! I decided not to show you the unedited version because I didnt do to much to the photos. Just changing the curve, contrast, and saturating it a bit. And thats all I did to them. And they really didnt need them. The sun was setting and it was PERFECT portrait photo-taking!

I love Daniel! He's so awesome! :D

I love David! He's awesome too! :D

I dont love Jonathan. :P hahaha Just kidding! Jonathan is awesome!

And Zack had left so I didnt get his picture. :( But that doesnt me I dont love him still! And by love, I mean I love them as friends. Just to specify.

Now why dont you spread the love around and tell your friends about my blog?

Now Playing – My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson

Matt :D



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3 responses to “in-n-out!

  1. I love In-N-Out! :D
    A while ago, my little bro William saw a picture of David, and he said that he looked like he was on drugs. Haha. :)

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